Seattle Mariners
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Seattle Mariners- The Ship Is Sinking From Within

The Seattle Mariners management has recently been under fire after a video of Kevin Mather was leaked.

Last season, Mariners fans didn’t quite understand why neither of the top prospects had been brought up in the middle of the season, while the team was in the race to make the playoffs.

The Seattle Mariners like many teams in Major League Baseball last season had their top prospects stored at the minor league site. They were there, in case of a Covid-19 breakout. But, the Mariners might have used some manipulation.

According to the Seattle Mariners President and CEO Kevin Mather:

“If our major-league team had a COVID outbreak or injuries and we had to call people up from the taxi squad, we were a little short on players, because there was no chance you were going to see these young players at T-Mobile Park,” Mather said. “We weren’t going to put them on the 40-man roster, we weren’t going to start the service-time clock. There were all kinds of reasons. If we would’ve had an injury problem or COVID outbreak, you might’ve seen my big tummy out there in left field. You would not have seen our young players, our prospects, playing at T-Mobile Park.”

If you want to read more on the video, you can find it here.

“As a lifelong M’s fan, I am beyond embarrassed with Mather’s comments.” – Matt Robertshaw of Vendetta Sports Media

Last night, the Mariners CEO released the following statement:

Among those hurt by the things Mather said are a lot of Prospects, players, coaches and others.

The Seattle Mariners organization is expected to make an announcement this morning.

Should the Mariners still fire Kevin Mather?

Yes, because now these players will not be able to trust him or the organization.