Richaun Holmes
Richaun Holmes broke quarantine because he was hungry. (Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports)

It did not take long for the Orlando bubble to burst. Richaun Holmes of the Sacramento Kings broke quarantine by crossing the “quarantine line” to pick up food. As a result, Holmes will have to isolate for 10 days before he can rejoin his squad.

I’m honestly not surprised that the reason behind the first bubble break was for food. Have you seen the pictures from players? It’s airline food at best. I’ve had decent airline food in the past, but even the good stuff is not great.

I agree with Embiid. That’s not enough food to feed 7 footers who weigh in around 250 lbs. The food doesn’t even look that good. I’ve been to Disney World. They have MUCH better options than what they are giving players. Sure, they shouldn’t expect 5-star meals, but give the players a bone. Oddly enough, Holmes in a recent Zoom call stated that the food was fine. Must not if he’s willing to sprint across the border of Disney and the outside world to grab some good food.

Holmes actually isn’t even the first. Houston Rockets forward Bruno Caboclo actually did the same thing. If you don’t recognize that name, he’s the “two years away from being two years away” guy. The “Brazilian KD” as some labeled him.

It was only a matter of time before the bubble was broken, and I doubt it’s the last. I guarantee that there will be a huge operation to smuggle women into the bubble. How do you expect all these grown men to go without the company of a woman? Totally calling that a player gets real quaint with a server or worker somewhere. You heard it here first.