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Rex Ryan: Baker Mayfield Is ‘Overrated As Hell’

Rex Ryan Baker Mayfield
Rex Ryan says that Baker Mayfield is ‘overrated as hell.’ (Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

The once overhyped Browns are now being destroyed by the media. You just knew this was coming the second Cleveland got beat by the Rams on Sunday Night Football. The Rams essentially gift wrapped the game for Cleveland (or Jared Goff did). Goff threw 2 bad picks and also fumbled the ball. Cleveland could never take advantage. It’s finger pointing time in Cleveland. Rex Ryan is going to Baker Mayfield route.

Rex Ryan claims that Baker Mayfield is ‘overrated as hell’

Ryan does make more than fair points. Mayfield looks like a one read quarterback. When the first option isn’t there, he looks lost. His pocket awareness is brutal. He isn’t handling pressure well. On the season, Mayfield is completing 57 percent of his throws with a 3-5 TD to INT ratio. He’s absolutely not playing well and that’s with pretty solid targets.

As a man that called Mayfield a third or fourth round prospect, you would expect me to sit here and gloat. I’m not going to do that… yet. Let’s give this more time. Again, I refused to admit I was wrong when he was carving out Cincinnati. I’m not going to sit here and gloat 3 games into a season. At this time last year, Houston was 0-3 and then won the division. Let’s give this more time. That includes all you losers ready to crown Daniel Jones as a star. 5 years ago, Marcus Mariota threw 4 touchdowns in his debut against the Bucs. You tried to tell me I was wrong about him too. Or the time Mitch Trubisky threw 6 touchdowns against the Bucs. Nobody with a brain thinks either of those guys are franchise quarterbacks. Be patient.

Things do not look good in Cleveland. It’s not just that they’re losing. They look lost and undisciplined. I think the offensive line isn’t helping matters by any means. Trading away Kevin Zeitler might go down as the worst move of the offseason. I’ll say this again. Stop disrespecting Deshaun Watson. You think this offensive line stinks? Go watch a Texans game. It’s very hard to win while being pressured. Watson is just on another level. Never compare him to Mayfield. It’s not close. Never was.


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