Photo: Seattle Kraken

The Seattle NHL expansion team has a name and it’s time to Release the Kraken!

On Thursday morning the Seattle franchise decided on the Kraken name as well as releasing their logo and jerseys for their inaugural NHL season in 2021/22 with part-owner Andy Jassy telling ESPN “It’s a very unique and unusual name in sports. There are a lot of obvious connections to Seattle — part because of our maritime history; part of because we have so much water around us — but there is longtime folklore in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest of this mystical Kraken creature that lives just below the surface of the sea, which really captivated people for many years.”

The Kraken will be hoping to do the same to audiences and the fact they received 25,000 deposits in 75 minutes during their ticket drive in March 2018 to gauge interest speaks volumes to how the community has gotten behind this venture. An inaugural season like that of the Vegas Golden Knights, while difficult, will go a long way to keeping that interest peaking at least for a while longer.

As for the jerseys, the home sweaters will have no white, which was apparently purposely done according to Matty Merrill who was the Adidas designer who worked on the jersey. When asked about the jerseys he told ESPN:

“It’s actually quite brilliant, almost a neon blue that looks like the ice caps on the Olympics and the white caps on the Puget Sound. Then the navy is so dark, it’s almost black. We call it deep sea. The whole uniform has no white — there’s zero white — and it’s really just these complementary blues. The way they present their brand will be that way — these two blues and no white. No surrender at all.”

Seattle Kraken Jerseys. Credit:Adidas/Seattle Kraken

NHL and NHLPA Tentative Agreement

The Kraken will play their home games at the Climate Pledge Arena in downtown Seattle after Amazon bought the naming rights and decided upon the name as a part of CEO Jeff Bezos’ call for action on climate change.

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