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VR mods

(Via Rockstar North/ Rockstar Games Inc)

Developers Killed Off Red Dead Redemption, Mafia, and GTA V VR Mods

VR mods
(Via Rockstar North/ Rockstar Games Inc)

Developers Killed Off Red Dead Redemption, Mafia, and GTA V VR Mods

Virtual Reality, which is known as VR, is another platform that people can use to play video games. VR is meant to be a more immersive experience, as the gamer uses body movements in the real world to look and move around in the artificial world. Red Dead Redemption, Mafia, and GTA V are all popular games that have found success on the VR platform in part due to VR mods. Luke Ross, who is the creator of multiple VR mods for the three gaming titles listed, has created a different way for gamers to enjoy those titles on VR. 

However, Take Two Interactive, which is the parent company of Rockstar Games Inc. and 2K, has placed a DMCA claim on Luke Ross to stop the VR mods. Luke Ross responded to the situation and the copyright claims by stating,

“As I publicly stated many times, I honor and respect copyright and my intention has always been to allow gamers to experience the wonderful worlds created by Rockstar and 2K (among other companies) in Virtual Reality, which only translates to more customer satisfaction and more copies sold for them. I don’t sell or host anything exploiting or repurposing their original IP and assets, and my mods only work if the user already owns a legal copy of their original games.”

(Translated Quote From Luke Ross)

This is a sad development for fans of these games on VR, as the DMCA claim could have very well killed the VR mods entirely. Ross stated that Patreon is trying to help him combat these claims, and he made it clear that he will try to clear up the issue with Take Two interactive. 

“I’m grateful for that and I hope that the effort will succeed and lead to a positive resolution, because I’m firmly convinced that what we’re doing cannot be hurting Take-Two’s bottom line in any way.”

(Translated Quote from Luke Ross)

It will be interesting to see if Ross can fight the claims and make it, so his mods can continue to be used. Gamers were enjoying the fun Read Dead, Mafia, and GTA V VR mods that Ross created, and hopefully, Take Two Interactive will change their decision to kill off the VR mods.

GTA V Online Mods

The confusing part of this story is that GTA V Online is no stranger to mods. There are plenty of GTA V Online mods that players can use. The most popular one is a cops and robbers role-play mod. 

This is a mod where the GTA community comes together to play in an online lobby where they try to mimic real life as much as possible. Gamers go on about their life in Los Santos, but some gamers play as cops, and they will fully arrest any users that commit crimes. This specific mod has grown in popularity due to influencers and rappers, such as Tee Grizzley, live-streaming their gameplay. 

However, Take Two Interactive has not tried to put a DMCA claim in this mod, which adds more confusion to why they cracked down so hard on the VR mods.

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