Bill Belichick
(Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)

The New England Patriots lead the charge of 3-0 teams (Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)

Then there were 5. Only a handful of teams still remain perfect after 3 weeks of the NFL season. The real question is how many of those 5 are real Super Bowl contenders? Let’s rank them from 5-1 to see which undefeated teams has the best chance to find themselves playing in the Super Bowl in 2016.

5. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are by far the worst 3-0 team winning by a combined margin of 13 points. That is by far the lowest for any 3-0 team. Offensively they lack identity with no real rushing attack or vertical passing game. A week ago it almost seemed like Joe Flacco tried to lose the game on purpose throwing two interceptions within minutes during the fourth quarter. It’s possible the team’s most valuable player is kicker Justin Tucker.

4. Denver Broncos

Sure they are the defending champions but I’m still not convinced. The defense is really dominant but right now the weather is nice. What’s going to happen when the weather conditions decline and Trevor Siemian’s ball doesn’t cut through the wind as well. We have seen first hand of this with Andy Dalton each and every season. I pegged the Broncos to be 6-10 at the start of the season. It appears they will be much better but the jury is still out on Trevor Siemian in my opinion.

3. Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz is the real deal. The defense is also much improved. A lot of credit should be given to this coaching staff. Doug Pederson has done a great job as a play-caller, this offense is very unpredictable. The interior defensive line play will hold up as a unit lead by Fletcher Cox looks dominant. If one thing is clear it is that General Manager Howie Roseman is a much better personnel man than Chip Kelly was. The Eagles should be considered favorites for an NFC East crown.

2. Minnesota Vikings

I have to admit I thought their season was over after quarterback Teddy Bridgewater went down for the season. The thing that has propelled Minnesota is their defense that leads the league in sacks. Head coach Mike Zimmer deserves a lot of credit. The Vikings have drafted extremely well to the point where they may have the best roster in the league. Offensive coordinator Norv Turner looks like a genius in the way he has prepped Sam Bradford for the quarterback job. This is a Super Bowl roster no question about it.

  1. New England Patriots

The Patriots went 3-0 without Tom Brady, Rob Ninkovich, Dion Lewis, and Rob Gronkowski. This is the best the defense has looked since 2004. The Lombardi trophy may as well be called the Belichick trophy. He is the greatest coach in the history of football. In week 3 they beat the Texans 24-0 with Jacoby Brissett at quarterback, the same guy who couldn’t win the starting job at the University of Florida. This could be a 14-2 type of season for New England.