Last week, 29 NBA teams revealed new City Edition jerseys. I’m here to give my unwarranted opinion and rank them from the worst to the best. 

29. Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee City Edition Jersey
(Milkwaukee Journal Sentenial)

This is just really boring to me. It’s described as “paying homage to Milwaukee being a meeting place by the water” but I just think there’s a lot more that could have been done. It’s not necessarily ugly…it’s just very…meh. 


28. Indiana Pacers 

Indiana Pacers City Edition Jersey
(Indy Star)

This? This one is ugly. I understand the tradition and the stripes and whatever. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is uh-gl-ay  


27. Washington Wizards 

Wizards City Edition Jersey

I am willingly going to wear a whole arm and hand on my chest. Yes. Of course. Makes wonderful sense. It’s called fashoon. 


26. Sacramento Kings 

Kings City Edition Jersey



25. Orlando Magic 

Orlando City Edition Jersey

Looks like the Pacers jersey. Not a huge fan. Repetitive.


24. Houston Rockets 

Houston Rockets City Edition Jersey

I don’t like the two-toned blue. It feels very “second grade in 2006”. I would know. I was in second grade in 2006. Anyways, pick one shade, please. 


23. Los Angeles Clippers 

Los Angeles Clipper City Edition Jersey
(LA Times)

I don’t hate it. I don’t love it. Black and white is very classic. Neutral opinion. 


22. Los Angeles Lakers 

Lakers City Edition Jersey

I like the colors I guess but I think purple and yellow is so ingrained in the LA culture that it shouldn’t really be touched. 


21. Memphis Grizzlies 

Grizzlies City Edition Jersey

I don’t really have an opinion. I like the teal color in contrast with the black. 


20. Dallas Mavericks 

Dallas Mavs City Edition Jersey

I think it would look better in black and gold rather than white. 


19. Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers City Edition Jersey

 What’s different? What is this font? No thanks. 


18. Denver Nuggets 

Denver Nuggets City Edition Jersey

I really like this. I do. The only thing I have an issue with is that they called it “flat irons” red. It’s clearly Red Rocks red. C’mon man. You had one job.  


17. Oklahoma City Thunder

OKC Thunder City Edition Jersey
(USA Today Sports)

 I like the diagonal colors but I don’t vibe with that shade of orange. 


16. Chicago Bulls 

Chicago Bulls City Edition Jersey
(Chi City Sports)

Fantastic. Love it. Classic. 


15. Phoenix Suns 

Sun City Edition Jersey

It’s pretty. I like it. Orange is okay here. Sunset. Very good. Very nice. 


14. Philadelphia 76ers 

Philly City Edition Jersey

It’s black and white. Take a guess. 


13. Toronto Raptors 

Raptors City Edition Jersey

This is what the Mavs should have done. Can’t go wrong with black and gold. 


12. Utah Jazz 

Utah Jazz City Edition Jersey

It’s very similar to last years uniforms but not as…loud. Neutral opinion. Any higher would be a stretch but any lower would just be rude.  


11. Atlanta Hawks 

Atlanta Hawks City Edition Jersey
(NBA- New Team Unifroms)

Yes. 100x yes. Love it. 


10. Portland Blazers

Portland Blazers City Edition Jersey

I asked for this for Christmas and could not tell you a single thing about the Blazers. 


9. San Antonio Spurs 

Spurs City Edition Jersey

I love the colors and the contrast. Clean. Icy.


8. New Orleans Pelicans 

Pelicans City Edition Jersey

I don’t have a super strong opinion. I just really like the fleur de lis 


7. Boston Celtics 

Boston Celtics City Edition Jersey
(The Boston Globe)

Classic uniform for a classic team. 


6. Golden State Warriors 

Golden State Warriors City Edition Jersey

 I love this. It’s clean. The colors work well together. There’s enough happening but it’s not too busy.


5.  Minnesota Timberwolves

Timberwolves City Edition Jersey

 I mess with it. I do. I might catch some heat for that but I am a fan. 


4. Charlotte Hornets 

Charlotte Hornets City Edition Jersey
(NBA- New Team Uniforms)

I just really like this mint color. I painted my nails this color every three weeks for two years straight in middle school. 


3. Brooklyn Nets 

Brooklyn Nets City Edition Jersey
(USA Today)

I love this for no good reason other than it’s unique and not in a bad way. It matches the style and culture of Brooklyn, New York. Now, please sign The Beard. Thank you. 


2. Detroit Pistons 

Detroit Pistons City Edition Jersey



1.Miami Heat 

Miami Heat City Edition Jersey
(USA Today)

YES. This is so loud and wild and crazy and matches the culture around Miami Florida so well. Bam and Jimmy and Tyler. Miami HEAT


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