Rampage was the most underappreciated video game of all time. It was a staple of my childhood and should be remembered more fondly. (Midway Games)

Rampage Was The Most Underappreciated Video Game Ever

I have been super nostalgic about video games from my childhood recently. Mostly because I still don’t have my Playstation 5 and really want something to play. Thinking back to the PS2, Rampage hands down was my favorite game. Why doesn’t it get more love today? What happened to the series?

Look, I get the movie wasn’t exactly a ten out of ten. It wasn’t super terrible either. That doesn’t mean the video game stinks. As a kid, there was nothing better than climbing buildings as these freakishly tall monsters and smashing everything in sight.

The characters were iconic. George the gorilla was a beast. Guy just wrecked everything in sight. Boris the Rhino was always a good play too. Curtis the rat and Ralph the wolf were playable too. Once the 2006 version came out, the characters got a little goofy. Make no mistake, the OG’s were fire.

If you never heard of the game, the concept is basically these little animals become super powered because humans (as they normally do) messed something up. Then you control the power hungry monsters and destroy all the cities around the world. I remember reaching some super crazy level that I got to the point where I was just destroying alien planets.

Maybe I’m the only seven year old kid that got a thrill from smashing things in a video game. Maybe others can’t relate. It’s a shame they stopped making this game because I’m curious to see if this would hold up as an adult.

If you ever get the chance to give Rampage a spin, do it. Let us know what you think of the game. I feel bad if you missed out on this one as a kid.