Marcus Mariota
We now enter a live shot of the Raiders decision to sign Marcus Mariota.

Raiders Flushing Money Down Toilet By Signing Marcus Mariota

One of the most head-scratching moves this offseason came when the Raiders decided to sign Marcus Mariota. Vegas gave Mariota a two-year deal worth $17.6 million this offseason. My question is why? For the life of me, I can’t fathom how the deal makes sense.

I get that the deal has no guaranteed money for 2021 and the Raiders needed a backup quarterback. That’s not the point. Did Jon Gruden or Mike Mayock actually watch Mariota play? I should rephrase that… Mariota can’t play a lick. How he pulled in this kind of contract is beyond me.

We need to stop viewing Mariota as a functional quarterback. The truth of the matter is, Mariota should be happy he’s not out of the league entirely. My comp for Matiota entering the 2015 NFL Draft was Akili Smith. I don’t think that’s far off.

Think about some of the ugly traits that Marcus Mariota has next to his name.

  • 2019 completion percentage under 60.
  • 2019 bench in favor of Ryan Tannehill who refused to compete for the job.
  • 2017-2018 TD-INT ratio of 24-23.
  • Career record of 29-32. Virtually with much of the same team that Ryan Tannehill was able to win with.
  • Never had QBR higher than 59.4 in a season.

What are we doing here? Mariota doesn’t have a dynamic arm, he’s not accurate, and he’s not vocal. Mariota is a shitty leader because he doesn’t speak. The guy can’t run a huddle. Can’t we just admit the dude sucks? Keep in mind that Jameis Winston is better and signed for $1.1 million. Cam Newton still unsigned. PUSH THE CHIPS IN THE MIDDLE FOR MARIOTA!

You think Derek Carr is bad? Oh, just wait my friends. Wait until Mariota takes the field. That’s going to be so fun to watch. The Raiders did one thing by signing Marcus Mariota… flush money down the toilet.