Joel Embiid
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Joel Embiid does not seem happy. He has been posting a lot on Twitter about how unhappy he is and congratulating other players on their success in the playoffs. Players hyping up other players is nothing new, but the way Embiid has been talking about Jimmy Butler makes me think he really wants to team up again. The only way for that to happen is if Embiid forces his way out. What would that trade look like? Are there any other contenders for Embiid?

Miami Heat

Tragic would have to be part of the deal as a sign and trade, but still should be signed for enough to make the deal work. Dragic provides a good backup to Simmons, Adebayo will replace Embiid, and Herro provides the 3 pt shooting. Because of the caliber of player Embiid is, 3 first rounders will have to go. This pretty much drains Miami’s future picks, but it’s worth it if you can get a Butler/Embiid duo to work for the next 3-4 years. Milton is here to make the money work, but a reduced salary could allow for the 76ers to keep him if they wanted.

Portland Trail Blazers

So this is a wicked trade. The only thing Portland gets is Embiid and a second rounder. Taking Horford’s awful contract is more of a bonus for Philadelphia than it is for Portland. Grabbing Jurkic and Trent Jr give the 76ers great players who were game changes when it came to Portland’s push into the playoffs. McCollum and Trent Jr give Philadelphia that much needed 3pt shooting they need to surround Simmons with. Anfernee Simons is here to make money work. That’s the only reason.

Brooklyn Nets

Another monster trade. Dinwiddie, LeVert, and the picks are the most attractive parts of this trade. Temple, Prince, and Allen can all find ways to fit in, but this is a hefty price for Brooklyn to pay. But the Nets have KD and Kyrie, so adding a third in Embiid could all but secure them a spot in the NBA Finals. The league is moving more towards duos rather than big threes, so maybe this isn’t in the best interest of the Nets, but still a possibility.

Memphis Grizzlies

Joel Embiid

Alright so this is just wishful thinking on my end but I honestly don’t know who else can make a push for Joel Embiid. I also just want Brooks gone, so any time I can trade him away I will. If put in the right roll, Brooks can be a good scorer. Valanciunis has been amazing for Memphis and would be attractive for the 76ers in this scenario. Clarke has proven himself to be efficient and can score the three, while Winslow, though injury prone to this point, shows lots of promise and can hit the three as well. Like I said, this is just wishful thinking and has a 0% chance of happening, but let a guy dream. Scott is here to make the money work.