PGA Tour 2K21
I don’t know about you but the PGA Tour 2K21 game looks… AWESOME. I need more details about what’s to come now! (Screenshot from 2K trailer)

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a big golf guy. However, I used to rock with the Tiger Woods games back in the day. It looks like 2K Sports is dipping their toes into the golf world. They’re already making a return in football too. Recently, a trailer dropped for PGA Tour 2K21. All I can say is that in 17 seconds, I’m already sold.

It would appear that more details are coming on May 14th. All I know is that can’t come soon enough. I’ve been looking for a new video game to play. 2K may have sold me with this one. EA hasn’t made a golf game since Rory McElroy was on the cover in 2015. Now 2K is coming.

I know people have their complaints with 2K the basketball game. They frustrate me too. However, they have my attention with this one. Quick detour. I used to rock with Jim Furyk all the time. Great short game but on long courses I got torched. Tiger Woods was a cheat code back in the day. I don’t know shit about golf anymore but I’m curious to see what they have planned.

Speaking of which, I want to know what game modes PGA Tour 2K21 will have. What will the career mode look like? Will there be a career mode? How many courses are we talking about? It has to be a bunch of it will get stale. May 14th is a big day. Let’s hope 2K can actually come up with a good game. We all need something with corona going around.

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