Lance Stephenson
Lance Stephenson is no longer a Pacer and Paul George made sure to throw a jab (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Lance Stephenson is an odd player. He defining moment is really nothing more than pestering LeBron James. Then again, that’s the exact reason why Pacers fans love him. Former face of the franchise, Paul George, voiced his opinion about Indiana deciding to decline his player option for the upcoming season.


ygtreceWow and I was the bad guy huh?! In this business you do what’s right for YOU! ??‍♂️ #PacerLegend 


George is right. Pacers fans were mad at George when he requested a trade a year ago. That’s the fan perspective that really has never made any sense. Get mad at Kevin Durant for leaving the Thunder but have no issue watching the Clippers deal away Blaker Griffin. Get mad at player x for leaving but have no issue with Philadelphia dealing away the hometown guy, Mikal Bridges, moments after drafting him. Teams do what’s in their best interest all the time and when players do the same, people get upset. This is why people are stupid.

Russell Westbrook Won’t Recruit Paul George During 2018 Offseason

With Paul George’s upcoming free agency, fans will likely get upset with the new Lakers dynasty forming any day now. Indiana actually really benefitted from the Paul George trade when they landed Victor Oladipo and Damontas Sabonis. Maybe George is still a little bitter that trading him was actually the right move. He might be especially angry when Kevin Pritchard came out and said he might not even think George fits in with the current Pacers.

It’s going to be a fun offseason!