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Bill Belichick

“Nobody works harder than [insert name here]” is Bill Belichick’s favourite phrase. (Steven Senne/AP)

The Patriots Should Consider Firing Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick
The Patriots should consider firing Bill Belichick. Let’s face facts, Belichick has slowly become the old guy yelling at clouds. (Steven Senne/AP)

The Patriots Should Consider Firing Bill Belichick

I know, I know, clickbait cheese you’re thinking! No, not really. This is dead serious. Bill Belichick can be two things at once; the great head coach of all time and an old dude out of touch with the ever adapting world. Football is changing, Bill Belichick is not. It’s time to consider old man Bill to the curb before he starts creating irreparable damage to the most successful modern day NFL franchise.

Can we just be honest about Belichick? He’s not beating Buffalo in playoff games anymore. It’s not happening. He’s no longer beating Kansas City in important playoff games either. Did we ever think there would be a day where a Belichick defense would give up 47 points to a first round opponent? I didn’t.

I don’t care how good your defense is anymore. You’re not stopping these elite modern day offenses for four quarters anymore. The guy has no clue when it comes to the draft. They had to strip him of draft duties a year ago. Shocker… the Patriots actually picked up some good players after the first round (Rhamondre Stevenson & Christian Barmore).

This dude really sat there and picked N’Keal Harry over Deebo Samuel, DK Metcalf, and AJ Brown. Do you know how stupid you have to be to make that mistake? A child picking random names out of a hat could do better. Belichick doesn’t know personnel period. He gave away Shaq Mason (one of the best guards in football) for a 5th round pick. The same guy that gave up a second round pick for Mohamed Sanu. We do get how insane this guy is at making roster decisions, right?

Being bad at the draft is one thing. He’s been able to overcome it by simply being a better coach than everyone. That’s not the case anymore. You need good offensive play callers to survive in the NFL today. Do yourself a favor. Take a gander at Tom Brady’s stats his last season in New England compared to now…

The rumor on the street is Belichick is going to call offensive plays himself. Sorry, I don’t buy that he’s good at it. I know this because the other option he considered was to hire Adam Gase to do it. After years of focusing on the defensive and special teams side of the ball, I refuse to believe Belichick became Sean McVay over night. There is a chance this thing turns into a full blown disaster.

This puppy is dead. He doesn’t get it. Hey, let’s lose JC Jackson for nothing in free agency. Collect the third round comp pick. Immediately turn it around and flip it for DeVante Parker who’s really not the good. But hey, he’s better than Malcolm Mitchell so screw it. Let’s do it.

Joke. Disaster. Time to go.

I’m not saying there is a better candidate out there but maybe the Patriots should learn a lesson from the Red Sox ownership group. Dave Dombrowski won a championship and was fired basically 12 months later. He was running their farm system into the ground and it was time to go. They’re better off for it today. A smart young guy named Chaim Bloom knows exactly what he’s doing.

When the next hot young offensive coach comes calling, pick up the phone. Belichick may as well be grampa Simpson. He’s old man yelling at clouds but in reality doesn’t have a clue about the things that matter; roster construction and offensive football. Time to go.

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