Pat McAfee
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WWE Caught Lightning In A Bottle With Pat McAfee

The “Pandemic Era” for WWE brought a lot of new faces and new stars to the forefront of WWE programming, but there might not be a bigger star right now than Smackdown Color Commentator Pat McAfee. Since taking over the full-time position alongside Michael Cole in April of this year, it is evident that he is a perfect fit to be calling matches. The energy he brings to each show is electric and his passion for the pro wrestling business is arguably second to none. His skills on the mic make him as unique as anyone on the roster, and he stands out like the shining star that he is so far.

Listen to this promo he cut before the show went live in Houston last night, which marked the first show with fans in attendance in 495 days. The atmosphere in the Toyota Center last night was incredible, and when you have someone like Pat McAfee leading the charge and getting the fans warmed up and ready to go, it’s hard not to love him as commentary.

This is exactly the energy I am talking about that McAfee brings to the announce desk. Week in and week out, the passion you get out of him is always at 100% and you can tell he pours his heart and soul into each and every broadcast.

From the wrestling side of things, the WWE has made major new stars in Bianca Belair, Drew McIntyre, and others but also elevated some mainstay wrestlers to new heights, see the best wrestler on planet earth right now in Roman Reigns. Say what you will about WWE and their product, they may not do everything right when it comes to their booking, how they treat their wrestlers especially when it comes to cutting wrestlers from the roster, or their fans. But they have done quite a few good things during this time.

I put out an article a month or two back about Eric Collins and saying how in his arena of Basketball he should act a little more professional, but in this arena of “Sports Entertainment” this is such a welcomed change to the typical announce team of old. As a wrestling fan, I can only hope to see Pat McAfee on my TV for not only every Smackdown going forward, but he should pull a Corey Graves here in the near future and be on every single show that WWE produces. They have absolute money here with McAfee.

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