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Oso Ighodaro 2024 NBA Draft Profile

Oso Ighodaro
(Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)

Oso Ighodaro 2024 NBA Draft Profile

The 2024 NBA Draft is right around the corner so the draft coverage continues with Oso Ighodaro’s profile. Oso Ighodaro is a big man from Marquette who played all four years for the Golden Eagles. He has a well-rounded game that will hopefully catch the eye of some NBA teams. It will be interesting to see if he can get his name called on draft night.

Here, is the Oso Ighodaro 2024 NBA Draft profile. 

Height: 6’9.50”

Weight: 222

Draft Age: 21

Position: C

Oso Ighodaro is still a young prospect considering he played four years of college basketball. He was a huge part of Marquette’s success these past few years under head coach Shaka Smart. The Trio of guard Tyler Kolek, guard Kam Jones, and big man Oso Ighodaro led Marquette to a Big East Championship in 2022-2023 and a Sweet Sixteen tournament run in 2023-2024. Ighodaro averaged 13.4 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 2.9 assists on a solid 57 percentage shooting from the field. Now, let’s go further in-depth on his strengths and weaknesses.


Ighodaro is a talented scorer in the paint. He can get a bucket in many ways as a finisher. Ighodaro is great in the pick and roll, as a cutter, and as a lob threat. Also, he has a sensational floater, which is his bread and butter, as well as a variety of hook shots. He is not a dominant force in the paint but rather a crafty scorer with multiple weapons.

His next strength is his passing and vision. Ighodaro is an above-average playmaker for his position. He can find cutters as well as make great reads on when to use a skip pass. He is not a Jokic-level playmaker but he can get assists and keep the offense flowing from anywhere on the floor. 

Finally, he has a great mix of size and speed that makes him a solid defender. Ighodaro has the quickness to guard multiple positions and the reach to be a good shot blocker. He is not a lockdown defender but he can fit in multiple defense schemes and is capable of switching in a pick-and-role scenario. Also, Oso Ighodaro is a good off-ball defender offering good help defense and solid rim protection. 


His biggest weakness is that he is not a dynamic scorer. Ighodaro is not a three-point threat as he did not even attempt a three-pointer at Marquette. That is a pretty big negative in a league where more and more big men are shooting threes and spacing the floor. Furthermore, he does not have a fantastic jumper either as a large amount of his points come from inside the paint. The lack of scoring and range could be a turn-off to many teams. 

Ighodaro is not an elite rebounder or rim protector. He is a well-rounded player so he has shown he is capable of growing in those areas. However, teams probably want more reliability in those departments, especially from someone who played for four years in college. Ighodaro will need to beef up his frame and become a more aggressive rebounder if he wants to carve out playing time in the NBA. 

Overall, he does not excel at the usual big man areas which could make it tough to get meaningful minutes as a rookie. Also, he does not provide the stretch-five upside of some other scoring centers. 

Draft Projection: Late Second Rounder

I think Marquette’s Oso Ighodaro is worth the shot in the second round. I believe he is the type of well-rounded high-motor player that can positively impact a lot of teams. His length and ability to guard multiple positions should be enticing to many teams. Also, I think his offensive awareness is top-notch. He offers skillful vision and playmaking while being a crafty force in the paint. He is a great screener and can be efficient in many pick-and-roll situations. His lack of scoring, offensive skill set, and solid defense gives him a Draymond Green-like ceiling. I think one team will recognize his potential and he will be a late second-round pick.

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