Lebron's Legacy
David Zalubowski/Associated Press

Regardless of what anyone says and what happens this season, Lebron James is at least the 2nd best player of all-time. We can debate who the best player of all-time is, but for now, let’s just acknowledge that he’s at least 2nd. For those that think he is the 2nd Greatest player of all-time, this year is a big year for Lebron. If he wins, Lebron’s legacy adds the 4th ring to his resume in 10 finals and wins his 3rd ring with a different team. That alone is impressive and will never be taken away from him. It just makes the Michael Jordan and Lebron James debate that much closer.

What about the other outcome though? That he doesn’t win the Finals this year, or worse, he doesn’t even get there? Let’s say he makes the Finals, with an arguable top 5 player in the league with him as his partner in Anthony Davis, and they lose. Not only does that mean you’re 3-7 in the Finals, but that was probably your last chance to win a Finals as the best player on your team. For Michael Jordan fans like myself, this only solidifies my argument that Lebron is the 2nd greatest player of all-time. The 2011 NBA Finals loss was already bad enough, and that Finals record just doesn’t look good. Sure, context plays a HUGE part in those other 6 losses, but context gets lost over the year.

What if we go worse than that? I, for one, don’t even think that Lebron and the Lakers can reach the Finals. Yes, you have top 5 players in the NBA on your team, is that enough though? Especially in the Western Conference? In the regular season, it’s easier to have better talent and win. In the playoffs, there’s more time for game-planning and zeroing in on players. Im’m not talking about Lebron and AD, I’m talking about the rest of the team. The rest of the team is just not good and they have to do their part for the Lakers to win games. That’s why I don’t think the Bucks make the Finals either.

When you’re too dependent on your superstars, it’s a recipe for disaster. Yes, your stars are your difference makers, but when that’s all you have, usually teams with great depth like the Clippers or the Nuggets can beat you. As much as Bronsexuals don’t want to admit it, there’s a lot riding on this season for Lebron’s legacy. This is his last chance to win a ring as the best player on his team. If he doesn’t win a ring this year, I don’t know how anyone can really put Lebron as the Greatest Player of All-Time objectively. Sure, he’s your favorite player and you’ll ride for him no matter what, is he the Greatest though? We’ll see.