One Month Into Vendetta

I am one month into my Vendetta internship (plus a day or two depending on when I publish this) and this is nothing like I thought it would be.

I never really intended on writing blogs or covering breaking news, I came here with the intention of being a video editor and learning how to produce podcasts.

If we have learned anything about the world in the last twelve months it is that literally nothing goes as planned, so I just buckled up and just did what needed to be done.

All internships are different and I recognize that, but the goal is mainly to learn and I wanted to learn how to be a top producer, jump into a show and do the behind-the-scenes stuff. Trey made that pretty clear to me on day one that there wasn’t an opportunity like that available, but that they were looking to grow the site and he still let me come aboard and do whatever I wanted pretty much.

Spoiler: I Did What I Wanted

That sounds snobby honestly, but that isn’t my intention. I truly want to learn and get better at production, and they only way I knew how was to start making my own content to produce. I started my own podcast, Kriegs Korner, which is a twice a week show that goes on all the major podcast platforms as well as a video version for YouTube.

I am not going to lie, I am writing this on the day episode 9 came out and I asked for feedback from the people within the company. It sucked, the interviews were great, but my opening was low energy and it made Chad turn off the show.

That shit sucked to hear and I won’t sugar coat it. I want my content to be great, but the only thing I can do is get better from here on out, even when the content around me seems to be slow.

I made the podcast a twice weekly show and that was probably me being ambitious, but that is the person I am. I want to succeed in everything I do, so I need to get my podcast better and I am open to any and all suggestions.

The Writing

I have published 83 blogs in just over a month in a wide variety of topics. I have covered sports breaking news, done some previews of teams and divisions, and written a bunch of posts about Barstool as well.

I am learning more and more about my writing style, what gets the views and what doesn’t. I have learned SEO and picking appropriate keyphrases that I think people will search.

My grammar sucks, I know that and it will get better with time (and Grammarly). One month into Vendetta down, a million more posts to go,

The Company

This has been the most interesting part of this whole experience, working from home and not having an office to go into and see other people is weird.

We still get into some normal work banter, build your “rivalries” or whatever you want to call it, but you get a feel for the people based off of how often they type in the Slack or respond to day to day messages.

The people that want to succeed I respect, the ones who will respond, take articles that need to go up, those people will do well even if we don’t see eye to eye (cough Dacota). As much as I disagree with his takes and some of his opinions, I know he will do well because he is driven, takes posts, and shows initiative.

Cream always rises to the top, nothing is different here when it comes to that, but it takes an extra element when none of your coworkers are there around you motivating you.

TL//DR: One month into Vendetta, a lot more to come.