Eli Manning
Eli Manning has been named the Week One starter for the Giants. New York won’t even give Daniel Jones the chance to compete for the job. (Chris Szagola/UPI)

When the New York Giants named Daniel Jones the 6th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, I assumed Eli Manning was officially on the hot seat. The 6th pick in the draft should play right away, right? Hell, at least get the chance to compete for a job? NOPE. The Giants won’t even let Daniel Jones win the start job. New York will not have an open quarterback competition. Eli Manning will start for the New York football Giants in Week One.

Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network reports that there pretty much is no circumstance where Jones sees the field in Week One:

“Mike Garafolo of the NFL reports that it’s his “understanding from talking with folks from the Giants over the last couple of weeks” that there’s no open competition, and that rookie Daniel Jones would start Week One only in the event of an injury to Eli Manning. Shurmur, as Garafolo understands, merely was hoping to ensure that Jones will be ready to go, if needed.”

This is pathetic. It really is. I have a few thoughts so let me dive in. This tells me that Daniel Jones sucked in Rookie OTA’s. The Giants claimed they loved Daniel Jones so much. I bet they watched him practice that first day and said something along the lines of “f*ck this, Jones isn’t anywhere close to ready yet. He needs to sit for three years”. What’s funny is Gettleman actually said he wants to sit Jones for 3 years!

It’s that or they really are that petrified of Archie Manning. What else could it be? Eli Manning hasn’t been a productive quarterback in five years and he’s only getting worse. Please tell me what Eli Manning has done in five years to make him too good for an open competition? Isn’t that something that brings out the best in people? Why is Marcus Mariota too good for it? The Giants have become the laughing stock of the NFL.