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How Low Can You Go Stephen A. Smith?

Stephen A Smith has really stepped in it today. First Take today was more of a dumpster fire than what it normally is and the imploding of ESPN continues to happen in front of our eyes. The first major story was of Stephen A. making racist comments about arguably the best player in baseball in Shohei Ohtani. Stephen A.’s next blunder was disrespecting the Nigerian basketball team and its players on live television.

Safe to say, the official Twitter account of the Nigerian Men’s National Team was not happy with Stephen A’s comments. They made their feelings known by reposting the clip Stephen A. shared and giving their thoughts of what they think of Smith.

Stephen A Smith has said a lot of stupid and crazy stuff in his life. But today may go down as the worst Stephen A. day of all time. I don’t blame the Nigerian team for getting upset. Nothing in this life comes free, and those players worked their assess off and beat the favorites to win the Olympics. Sure, it was an exhibition, but team USA is so stacked that Nigeria can rightfully flex their muscle a bit.

Now I have to admit this, I probably would do a terrible job and pronouncing the names of some of these players. I’m terrible with last names that I’ve never heard before. I’ll pick them up over time, but I would absolutely have butchered them. But it’s not that Stephen A. could not say the names, but that he did so with complete disregard, as the tweet states, to the individuals as basketball players and to Nigerian culture.

A Crumbling Empire

Stephen A Smith gets paid millions and goes through hours of preshow meetings with a host of interns and producers at hand. Yet somehow, segments like this keep getting rolled out. Every talking point is closely examined in those meetings. Meaning this and the Ohtani points were both discussed before the show. This is why people are turning away from ESPN in Exodus level droves.

Stephen A Smith is just another chapter in a horrifically controversial month for ESPN. It’s maybe been just over a week since the Rachel Nichols and Maria Taylor drama. People are not happy with how ESPN has handled that situation. Now ESPN will have to do more damage control. As of writing this article, nothing has come from ESPN.

The masses will call for Stephen A. Smith to lose his job, but that man makes ESPN too much money. Only time will tell what, if any, disciplinary action will be handed down to Smith.

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