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The NHL Needs Its Own Red Zone Channel

Red Zone
The NHL needs its own red zone channel. Casual fans would flock to the NHL if they could just watch goals and fights all night. (DirectTV)

The NHL Needs Its Own Red Zone Channel

The NBA fanboys constantly complain about how they want their own red zone channel for League Pass games. What they don’t realize is fantasy basketball is trash and the last 5 minutes of games take 3 hours. The middle of the game in the NBA also doesn’t create any urgency for a typical red zone channel.

The NHL is the one that really needs its own red zone channel. It goes beyond just having too many games to watch at the same time despite the fact that the NHL currently has two more teams than the NBA.

It would also be way easier for the host and production staff to cut to the correct game at the correct time. Commercials and intermissions already do a great job spreading games out. I already schedule dog walks for intermission time.

Any time a team is on the power play, you cut right to that game. Big fight in the works? Let’s head over there right away. What would happen is for the casual fan, they would see a flurry of goals and fights. For fantasy owners, you’re taking them directly to big moments that can swing their matchups.

Understanding Time zones. One of the biggest problems our nation is facing.

This is something we need. People have no idea how fast Connor McDavid is. If they saw Cale Makar skate, they would become fans. The NHL is oozing with premier talent all over the league. The NHL is awesome but many people don’t know it because of how the sport is marketed. The NHL needs this red zone idea NOW.



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