Extra Point Rule
NFL To Change Extra-Point Rule (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

The NFL will be changing the way extra points will be kicked for next season. Kickers have made over 99 percent of extra points in recent years so the league decided to make a change. ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the story.

Kickers will now be faced with making the extra point from the 15 yard line rather than the 2 yard line. The defense will also have the ability to return a blocked extra point the other way for 2 points adding a sort of college element to the game. Two point conversions will remain at the 2 yard line with the defense having the same ability to return the score for 2 points the other way. While the rule does add additional excitement to the game I’m still not sure how effective it is to place more importance in special teams. The value of kickers may have just gone up with the result of the new rule.