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Crusader Kings 3

(Photo Credit: Paradox Interactive)

New ‘Crusader Kings 3’ DLC Has Been Announced

Crusader Kings 3
Photo Credit: Paradox Interactive

New ‘Crusader Kings 3’ DLC Has Been Announced

On March 6, Paradox Interactive announced a brand-new DLC for the latest title in the Crusader Kings franchise. Tours and Tournaments will be the second major expansion for Crusader Kings 3 since its release in September of 2020.

The Vision

In a development diary released on the announcement date of the DLC, Paradox highlights what the new Crusader Kings DLC is to entail and what their overall vision for the expansion will be. The developers want to emphasize the joys and politics of life within medieval society through Tours and Tournaments.

The tours part of the DLC will allow players to go on tours of their own realms, whether they be duchies, kingdoms, or even continent-spanning empires. Allowing for players to interact and sway their vassals to their way of thinking or not, tours are also to be an excellent way for a new ruler to get in good graces with their vassals.

Then, there are the tournaments. Medieval society was famous for its tournaments, from jousting to archery and more. Tournaments were not only a way for rulers to please their subjects, but also plan out political schemes with allies who just so happened to come for the tournament. Perhaps even stage an unfortunate accident with a vassal or knight you don’t like all too much!

There are other additions coming with Tours and Tournaments, including a reworked regency system for child rulers, “grand weddings” and more. This is the kind of stuff Crusader Kings 3 needs.

More to Come?

While Tours and Tournaments won’t be out for months, more details about it will be releasing almost every week through Paradox’s development diaries. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what specifics are included with the DLC.





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