NBA Playoffs
Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press

These are NBA playoffs matchups that I would LOVE to see. If we could get most of the matchups in an unusual year where it left me questioning what was life without basketball, my soul will fill fulfilled.

Western Conference

Lakers vs. Pelicans

The first NBA Playoffs matchup from the Western Conference is surprisingly a 1-8 playoff matchup. Lebron vs. Zion? Anthony Davis facing his old team? Brandon Ingram facing his old team? UH ZION?! Are you kidding me? This would be the best 1-8 matchup ever! That is if the Pelicans make it to the 8th seed. 

Rockets vs. Thunder

The season after the monumental trade of Russell Westbrook to the Rockets, everyone thought the Thunder were rebuilding. But the Thunder had other plans. So, who really won the trade here? 

Utah vs. Rockets

This has a little bit of the rivalry between the Jazz and Russell Westbrook. However, basketball-wise, This matchup is really intriguing. The Jazz in Quin Snyder system have a slow-as-molasses pace. While the Rockets, who fully committed the small ball this season, play at a really high pace. This would be a battle of extremes of the spectrum. It would be fascinating to watch. It could end up going to 7 games if everyone was playing, or being a easy series win for the Rockets.

Battle of LA

Come on you knew it was coming. The battle of LA would be one of the best matchups in the NBA playoffs. This would have to be a Western Conference Finals matchup though as the Lakers and Clippers are ranked 1 and 2 respectively. 

Eastern Conference

Celtics vs 76ers

The first one of the Eastern Conference NBA playoffs matchups is the Celtics and the 76ers. This rivalry is one of the best to watch. I didn’t know it was that serious between these teams but it’s fun to watch from afar. You know, away from all the toxicity. Plus, the Celtics have adapted to the small-ball trend. The 76ers went opposite of that and have a long lineup. Scoring vs Defense, who wins?

Bucks vs. 76ers

Seeing how the 76ers built this lineup for the sole purpose of defeating the Bucks, this is why it made the list. Two defensive juggernauts going at it. Casual fans wouldn’t like this series, but if you love defense, this is the series to watch.


Bucks vs Lakers 

The battle of the “MVPs”. In reality, only Giannis deserves MVP, he should win back-to-back MVPs. But the Media has now pushed the narrative that Lebron should win MVP. Still two of the best players in the NBA facing off? Sign me up.

Celtics vs Lakers

This is just because of the rich history and rivalry between these two teams. This would be one of the better matchups of matchups possible. Even though I hate the Lakers.

Bucks vs Clippers 

Although I don’t think the Bucks are THE best team in the Eastern conference, they are considered by a wide number of fans that they are the best. The clippers are sought as the best team of the western conference by many as well. So technically by the majority of fans, these two teams would be the best teams in the league in the NBA Finals.

Clippers vs. Raptors

Wouldn’t that be something? After Kawhi Leonard won a championship with the Toronto Raptors, he faces them in the Finals the next year. The Raptors were written off by a lot of fans, myself included, but they have proven everyone wrong and are sought as a title contender. This would be a great matchup not many people have thought about. Could they win a title without Kawhi?