Myles Gaskin
(Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Be Very Careful Drafting Myles Gaskin

Myles Gaskin has gotten tons of attention entering his third season in the NFL. The short stout running back opened many eyes last year has being a reliable fantasy running back. Gaskin was picked up off the waiver wire last year in most leagues and could have been the reason why you won your league. In 6 of the 10 games, he appeared in he scored at least 10 fantasy points. Consistency at the running back position is something we all look for in fantasy football. It is the most valuable position because it is so limited. In Week 16, a playoff game in fantasy, Gaskin burst out for a 29 point game against the Raiders. Gaskin can run and catch the ball out of the backfield for the Miami Dolphins. This is a huge help for second-year quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, to be able to check down to his running back.

Myles is very intriguing in PPR leagues, with his ability to catch the ball. As fantasy owners in these leagues, we often look for more pass-catching backs. That’s why Christian McCaffrey is taken over Derrick Henry consistently in these leagues. I’m taking Henry 1st overall in standard leagues all day. There is some cause for concern for Myles Gaskin in 2021. For one, he has only appeared in 17 games during his first two seasons. Injuries are a scare for me in fantasy if I am investing that much in a player. Second, NFL coaches know who he is now. They are going to start preparing for him to slow him down. He is not a waiver wire pick-up anymore, expect him to get a lot more attention from defenses. Gaskin is really risky for a guy you are taking early in your draft. Look to take some other running back about him. Not to mention, in his draft range the receivers are amazing in the 5th or 6th round.

Players I am Taking In Front Of Gaskin

  1. Karmeem Hunt
  2. Chase Edmonds
  3. James Robinson (may go earlier due to Etienne injury)
  4. Damien Harris
  5. Raheem Mostert