Under normal circumstances, those who have committed a crime and received no penance would stay away from the subject and stay under the radar.

Amber Heard tying herself to Marilyn Manson’s abuse of Evan Rachel Wood and trying to leech to the latter, is a prime example of sociopathy and appropriation of someone else’s trauma to divulge a false narrative.

What are the parallels between Wood and Heard? Both have been the subject of forms of domestic abuse from their partners, Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp. I will link an article about the Manson-Wood abuse here.

We are talking about two different situations here. Manson’s alleged abuse of Wood and four others tells of grooming, gaslighting, physical and sexual abuse and forced drug use.

Heard’s allegations of Depp tell of physical and emotional abuse also, but the key difference is the evidence that would prove that the abuse was more back and forth than we were at first led to believe and as such more of a toxic marriage between two incompatible and explosive parties.

I stand well on the side of women’s rights and champion the opportunity for a level playing field between male and female, but the story of Depp/Heard is a tale completely unlike Wood/Manson.

It takes away from the magnitude of Manson’s abuse when Amber Heard, someone who is on record admitting to physically assaulting Johnny Depp, ties herself and Wood together in similar situations. This is especially when you look at the outrage in response to Johnny Depp’s forced resignation from Warner Bros., a company who Heard remains employed by.

Heard comparing herself to Wood and the other victims of Marilyn Manson is a selfish act when you consider the fact Heard was part of a mutually abusive relationship, discrediting those who suffer one-sided abuse and exhibiting the lack of equality when it comes to the treatment of abuse victims.

History is written by the winners and the lack of punishment for Amber Heard, an abuser herself, is sordidly apparent in her actions. It’s also a harsh reminder that there is a lack of empathy and justice for male victims of abuse, and that allegations of female abuse towards males are taken with a grain of salt in the wide spectrum.

If we are going to champion equality truly then both sides of the spectrum need to be addressed correctly and labeled efficiently, if Johnny Depp is labeled an abuser and punished as such for his actions then Amber Heard should be too.

And as such Heard is the polar opposite of a victim like Wood and should never be mentioned comparatively, it takes away from the trauma suffered by Wood and others and provides a segway for abusers to get away with their crimes.

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