Shohei Ohtani
You are an absolute moron if you believe Shohei Ohtani deserves to win the 2021 AL MVP Award. Once again baseball continues to not make sense on purpose. (Jayne Kamin-Oncea/USA TODAY Sports)

You’re A Moron If You Think Shohei Ohtani Deserves To Win The 2021 AL MVP Award

Why is it called quicksand when in fact it should probably be called slow sand? Why is it called a pineapple when there is no pine or apple involved? Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii? Every day we turn a blind eye to things that just make absolutely no sense.

Baseball writers do it just to stay in shape. Not making sense is part of their job description. We know the inevitable is coming… Shohei Ohtani is going to win the 2021 AL MVP Award despite the fact that it’s sad, embarrassing, and refuses to make sense. In fact, I’ll take it a step further. You are an absolute moron if you think Shohei Ohtani should win the 2021 AL MVP Award.

Reading comprehension is tough. I struggle with it myself. Voting Ohtani as the MVP is turning a blind eye to common sense and reading comprehension. That’s just a stone-cold fact.

The last time I checked, MVP stands for Most. Valuable. Player. I think the dictionary or whatever fact checker you want to use has my back on that one. The goal of the goal is designed to give the award to the player who was the MOST VALUABLE player in the sport. Baseball has decided that in fact is not the goal.

The bottom line is, you can not be the most valuable player in the sport on the 4th place team. I don’t care if Ohtani hit 800 homers and posted an ERA of 0.00. If he did it on a 4th place team, his contributions didn’t matter towards the goal of winning or becoming valuable for his team.

In fact, I can make the argument, Ohtani would have been better off sitting out the season so the Angels can get a better draft pick. Being in the middle, like the Phillies have been, is the worst spot to be. The Angels are a below average to mediocre baseball. They should have traded Mike Trout five years ago. Now they’re in a spot where they should trade Ohtani. If I can even remotely make that argument, sorry, not sorry, you sir are not the MVP of the sport.

We’re also arguing for the wrong guy. If you’re going to give the MVP Award to a guy on a non-playoff team, it has to go to Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Vlad Jr. hit .311 with 111 RBI’s, led baseball with 48 homers. Toronto also missed the playoffs by a game and they’re likely not close without him. It’s also a moot point because young Vlad can’t win the award either because his team missed the postseason.

Can you imagine if they gave the MVP Award to Matt Stafford for a year he put up big numbers in a last place season with Detroit? Here is a better example. What if they gave the MVP Award to Deion Sanders because he played offense, defense, special teams, and baseball but did so on a bad Falcons team? Did the NFL give him the MVP Award? No, they did not.

Then again, why is this surprising? We live in a society where it’s somehow accepted that we play a 162 game season and a 1 game playoff decides the final spot? We live in a society where people think telling the manager when he can and can’t pull his pitcher is acceptable. We live in a society where people where people are outraged where a manager positions his players on the field. We live in a society domestic violence abusers are welcomed into the Hall of Fame but steroid users are not. We live in a society where the league’s rules are not unified and there is a rule in place designed to prevent the reason why the rules aren’t unified (Yes, that sentence somehow made sense as I was referring to the double switch).

That’s baseball for you. A great game that is slowly ruined by shit that doesn’t make sense.

Okay, so who should win the MVP Award? This is easy. Give it to whoever you want out of these four options but it has to be between Rafael Devers, Aaron Judge, Tim Anderson, and Carlos Correa. At this point, I don’t care who gets it. This has nothing to do with Ohtani the talent. It has everything to do with defining logic.

How many games do the Boston Red Sox win without Rafael Devers? I’ll go with 70. If Aaron Judge doesn’t exist the Yankees are easy sellers at the deadline. Tim Anderson is on base all the time and found a way to overcome DUI addict Tony. Carlos Correa posted a ridiculous 7.2 WAR and has kept Houston relevant yet again despite having more stars depart the program.

That’s value. Learn reading comprehension and grammar rules. What’s the alternative? Blindly following the baseball writers? Yeah, cause those clowns are real heroes. I’ll speak up when no one else is willing to. Steriod users should be celebrated, stealing signs with technology was smart, and for the love of god… stop giving MVP’s team guys on fourth place teams.