Monty Williams
(Matt York/Associated Press)

It’s Hard Not to Love Monty Williams

Last night, the Phoenix Suns lost the NBA Finals in six games to the Milwaukee Bucks. It was a tough pill to swallow because so much of America found the young Phoenix team extremely likable. That likability starts at the top with head coach Monty Williams. Even after the toughest loss of his career, the Coach of the Year finalist was still the epitome of class.

Here is Williams talking to the media immediately after the loss:

This one hurts. You can tell how much all of this means to the second-year Suns head coach. That clip is a great look at who Monty Williams is as a person. Want an even better look? Here’s what he did after admitting how difficult this loss is to process:

Monty Williams, Class Act

A cynic or someone who didn’t know who Monty Williams was might call this performative. It’s absolutely not. After telling the world how difficult the Suns’ loss was for him, he swallowed his pride, walked into the celebrating locker room, and congratulated the Bucks face-to-face. That takes real guts and real class. I can only imagine what it would be like to go to a team that beat me in the toughest loss of my coaching career and congratulate them on a job well done.

The Suns will be around for a little while longer. Their young team proved that during the run to the NBA Finals. Phoenix is blessed to have a head coach like Monty Williams. Coach, you made a fan out of me. Keep up the great work.


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