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Marcus Mariota

(Mark Zaleski/AP Photo)

Mike Vrabel: Marcus Mariota AND Blaine Gabbert Both Expected To Play Vs. Texans

Marcus Mariota
Marcus Mariota may or may not play and Mike Vrabel has us more confused (Mark Zaleski/AP Photo)

Things aren’t going so well in Titan land. In the season opener, Tennessee got beat by the Miami Dolphins 27-20. Realistically, Miami might be the worst team in the league. Quarterback Marcus Mariota put together another stinker and didn’t make it out of the game healthy (shocker). Mariota is having some issues with his hand feeling numbness making him questionable for week two. Rookie head coach Mike Vrabel had a really shocking response to his quarterback’s availability this week.

Jim Wyatt of had the following via Vrabel:

“(He’s) trying,” Vrabel said of Mariota. “We are evaluating. We anticipate both of those guys playing in the game, OK? We are going to have to do a lot of things to win this football game, and I would anticipate both of those guys playing at some point and time.

“Marcus is going to do everything he can to get ready, like every player is going to do everything they can to get ready for the game on Sunday.”

Huh? What? He said… BOTH guys will play. What does that even mean? Is Mariota healthy or not? If he’s not healthy then I assume he’s not suiting up. If Mariota is healthy, why in the world is Blaine Gabbert playing? Maybe Mike Vrabel is just clueless considering the Texans defense was horrendous last year and had a ton of talent.

The Lead Word – NFL Returns – 9.10.18

The Titans entire franchise is laughable at this point. I’m ready for people to start realizing something I’ve been saying for a long time; Marcus Mariota stinks. He was never good. 13 touchdowns and 15 interceptions over the course of a season does not quantify as a franchise quarterback. Again, Mariota is off to a bad start going 9-16 for 103 yards, with a 36.2 passer rating and the two interceptions. Gabbert, for comparison, was 11-22 for 117 yards in week one.

Realistically, they both stink. Until the Titans move off of the Mariota era, I will continue to reign down and curse this franchise. #mutemariota.


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