Mike Trout
(Rob Tringali/Getty Images)

Mike Trout Could Be The MVP Every Year

I really can’t figure out why nobody has been pumping Mike Trout’s tires the last few years. He has been consistently putting up insane numbers and it feels like he still doesn’t get talked about enough, and I can’t understand why. Is he not exciting to watch? He weighs 235 pounds and almost runs as fast as guys like Byron Buxton. He can catch anything that comes his way in the outfield like Kevin Kiermaier. And of course, he smashes the ball as Albert Pujols did in his prime. Yet still, we MLB fans choose to ignore the greatness of Mike Trout like it doesn’t even exist.

As of right now, Mike Trout is batting .380 with eight home runs, 17 RBI’s, a .496 on-base percentage, and 21 runs scored through 27 games with the Angels. In most of the important statistical categories, this is Trout’s best start to a season. In fact, the only season he finished with an on-base percentage under .400 was in 2020 with the fluke 60-game MLB season. Does anyone realize how insane that is? He takes walks at an elite rate, which is something so many other players in the league are not disciplined enough to do. Everyone wants to just hit the long ball but Mike Trout can get on base in so many different ways.

Why Is Mike Trout Still Overlooked?

My best guess as to why Mike Trout isn’t plastered everywhere on social media and MLB Network is: people are just sick of him. This is a classic case of “well of course he’s doing good, it’s Mike Trout”. People aren’t surprised about it anymore and everyone knows what he’s capable of so they don’t care to watch anything to do with him. This applies to athletes and teams across the board. Steph Curry, Tom Brady, and his tenure with the Patriots, Alex Ovechkin are all prime examples of dominant stints in sports that just seem like they keep going on forever. The only time players and teams like that make the news is when they don’t perform at their usual level. Then it becomes a story. The only other reason I can think of why Mike Trout isn’t regarded as highly as he should be is that he has yet to win a World Series. And yes, that might be unlikely he does if he stays with the Angels his whole career.

For a guy that is still in his baseball prime at age 29, Mike Trout has so many great years left in the tank. I don’t even think he’s reached his peak yet because baseball is a game that favors experience. Trout has batted .306 brought in 815 RBI’s, scored 965 runs, and has a .419 on-base percentage for his 11-year career so far. That’s bonkers. Not to mention, Mike Trout has been extremely durable for a player of his size and stature. Through 2020, Trout has played 82% of the games he was eligible to play, and that is counting the 60-game season last year. And even that number is skewed because he came into the league mid-season in 2011 and was only able to play in 40 games. Trout’s already got three AL MVP awards, but he could have at least 6. And he should have a few more by the time it’s all set and done. I’m sorry, Mike, but we take you for granted…still

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