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Mike Grier Proving To Be Incompetent With Sharks

Mike Grier
Mike Grier is an absolute fool and needs to be fired. Grier has done nothing but prove he’s incompetent with the Sharks. [ JEFF CHIU | AP ]

Mike Grier Proving To Be Incompetent With Sharks

When people tell you who they are, believe them. Mike Grier is an idiot and has no business running an NHL. We’re all seeing it and the Sharks need to fire him before it’s too late. It is quite frankly impossible to defend what Grier has done in his short time in San Jose. The Sharks will soon become the Coyotes if ownership doesn’t step in and do something.

Can we talk about Grier’s 2023 NHL Trade Deadline performance? How can anyone let it go and why am I the only one talking about it?

Nick Bonino Trade

WTF was that? No seriously. What was that? It was almost as pathetic as Gavin’s sob story Substack post. Here are the full terms of the trade. This is what you need to know. By the end of the Bonino trade, the Sharks somehow traded down in the 5th round to wind up with a 7th round pick. Montreal didn’t even own the player and somehow acquired a 5th round pick. You are reading that correctly.

Henry Thrun Trade

I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert on prospects but this deal made no sense. The Sharks gave up a 2024 third round pick for a player that is unsigned. Thrun already told the Ducks he doesn’t intend to sign so instead they went out and got an asset for him. Here is my question. If the sucky Ducks couldn’t sign him, why do the sucky Sharks think they can? It’s not a guarantee they lost a third round pick for nothing but that very well might end up being the case. The Sharks have until August to sign Thrun. However, if I’m Thrun, I’m not signing up for this. I’d rather be a free agent and get to pick my landing spot. Just something to keep in mind.

Timo Meier Trade

This trade alone should have gotten Grier fired. The Sharks got a poo poo platter of nothing for a star winger. What’s worse is that he admitted that he settled for depth rather than trying to bring in the best collection of talent. Frank Seravalli during one of his live shows also said Carolina’s offer for Meier was significantly better. Do I really need to say anything else? It was highway robbery and everybody knows it. Got nothing for the team’s best player.

Mikey Eyssimont Potential Disaster

This one is ticky tac but maybe it shouldn’t be. The Sharks claimed Eyssimont off waivers and turned out to be a diamond in the rough. Someone that maybe the Sharks could have started building around.

Instead, the Lightning did what they always do. Took advantage and took him for basically nothing. Yes, the Sharks were able to flip Vladislav Namestnikov to Winnipeg for a 4th round pick but what was the point? Maybe I’m being harsh but it felt like the Sharks actually found something and gave it away on a flier pick that doesn’t pan out 19 times out of 20.

RIP. What would have been so fun to see got ruined because the Sharks GM has the IQ of a dead squirrel.

Failing To Trade Erik Karlsson

Nothing Grier does makes sense. Karlsson has one of the worst contracts in the NHL and 2022-23 has been a career year. Karlsson has 83 points in 66 games on a terrible Sharks team. This was Grier’s shot to move a mega contract at peak value and didn’t get it done. Absolutely pathetic.

Grier needs to be fired immediately. Is there anybody willing to argue against it at this point?

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