Mike Florio is salty
Mike Florio is salty as hell. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

Mike Florio is salty as hell about Tom Brady winning the Super Bowl. Brady on Wednesday shared a video on Twitter. In which he called out all of his haters who doubted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would even make the playoffs let alone win the Super Bowl. I love the video and particularly the story of Brady this season. When everyone thinks you’re washed up and you go out and win the Super Bowl.

Florio Doesn’t Know How To Take Shots

However, of course, the buzz kill Mike Florio has to make some dumb comment. Florio used the video as an opportunity to take a shot at Brady, and it just seems like an old man yelling at clouds.

Now do one with all the over-the-top media praise for the QB after a Super Bowl that was won by the defense.

Mike Florio

However, this pathetic attempt at a joke just makes Florio look like an ass. First, off Florio why don’t you take a break from social media for a while. It’s bad enough that Pro Football Focus (PFF) is an absolute joke, but now you’re going to try your hand at taking shots at the GOAT. Secondly, When the guy that just won his seventh Super Bowl is living it up leave him be. It’s a battle you will not win.

Nevertheless, Florio tried and so badly missed that mark on this. The media world in general missed the mark. You were all wrong, hell, I was wrong about Brady and the Bucs. However, there is a difference between me and guys like Florio. I admit when I’m wrong and I take it like a man, otherwise, you look like the biggest clown show on Twitter, AKA, Florio.

Alas, let this be a lesson to anyone and everyone. Stop trying to come at Brady, he wins all the time. No matter what you say or do the man wins. Brady is the GOAT and that’s that. When you shoot for the king you best not miss.