Patrick Surtain
(Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)

Patrick Surtain is arguably the best defensive back in this class. His talent is through the roof and his draft profile speaks for itself. Every fan of every NFL team would love to add Surtain to their squad. That is, except for Dolphins fans. Why is that?

Remember, This Is Just A Hypothetical

Let me say this first. I understand that Miami has other needs. The Dolphins need a good target for Tua to throw to and an upgrade at the offensive line. Maybe even a good LB or EDGE guy, there is just a lot of ways Miami can go. Miami has the 6 and 18 pick of the first round, so there will be great players available at both. Dream scenario is landing Pitts or Chase at 6 and perhaps Parsons or Vera-Tucker fall to 16. But I’d like to propose a scenario.

Trey Daubert recently did a mock draft simulation with Miami on our YouTube channel. The video has been popping off, as I knew it would (I tried getting Trey to do these sooner). In this mock scenario, Pitts fell to Miami (a guy can dream) and Trey made a trade up to grab Surtain. I won’t spoil the rest of the picks, but go and watch it for yourself.

The way some of the comments on YouTube and the comments I’ve seen from Reddit, where the video was also shared, you would think Miami was drafting the biggest bust in NFL history. I mean, just read some of these.

When people mention CB being one of the strongest positions on the team. They are correct. But It can always get better. Why only have 2 amazing CBs when you can have 3? Adding Surtain with Jones and Howard would make Miami a no fly zone. NFL teams are all about throwing the ball these days. If Miami tries to play catch up with everyone else, then that’s exactly what they will be doing for the foreseeable future. Trying to catch up with everyone.

A Nuclear Arms Race

When you’re in a war, you never look at what you have and say all is well. You always want more because you never know what your enemy will do. It’s why the United States has so many nuclear weapons. Do we need all those weapons? Probably not, but you know who kept building more? The Russians. Miami has 2 nukes in their back pocket with Howard and Jones, why not add a third in Patrick Surtain and really make QBs suffer on Sundays?

Some comments talk about other needs. Again, I get that. Tua needs weapons, need better pass rushing, and a better O-Line. But why is everyone getting so worked up about this? And why are people this strongly against it? If Fields falls to the Patriots, will Miami fans rethink their position? And what’s up with people being so against any CB or DB in the first round? As of writing this article, rumors are swirling about the Patriots making a trade with the Panthers to move to 8. Miami’s enemies will always try to out gun the. We saw in the past Super Bowl what an overwhelmingly great defense can do to an amazing offense. Brian Flores is a defensive minded guy. Let’s use that to our advantage.

I just can’t believe how against this people are. And it’s not just the comments, it’s the fact that those comments are getting a lot of upvotes on Reddit. Is it the worst thing in the world for Miami to take Patrick Surtain? To some Miami fans, it is.

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