Todd Frazier
The Mets made a bad decision signing Todd Frazier (Jeffrey Becker/USA TODAY Sports)

So the New York Mets just signed veteran Third Basemen Todd Frazier to a two year deal worth 17 million dollars, and I for one am feeling a mix of emotions. Personally I think Frazier is an overrated player that made his name for hitting some absolute moonshots in the 2015 All Star Game in Cincinnati. I’m a huge stats guy, which is one of the reasons why I love baseball so much and Frazier stats are nothing that impress me. The first thing that concerns me is the fact that the guy simply cannot get on base. His career high batting average is .273 in 2014. Since then he hasn’t hit over .255 and last year he hit for an abysmal .213. Second, the dude has never even had a 100 RBIs in a season and will most likely be expected to bat clean up behind Cespedes, another guy who has not produced the way anyone thought he would with the Mets. If anything, you can expect Frazier’s struggle to continue as he will now be playing 81 games a year in one of the most pitcher friendly ball parks in the league.

The plus side to this signing is that Frazier is going to be on the field for you at least 140 games of the year. This signing can inevitably spell out the ending of the David Wright era in New York. Wright when healthy is among one of the best defensive third basemen to play in recent memory. Frazier may be the spark that this team needs, however, to make another deep run in the playoffs. We’ll see how it goes for New York this year, but in my opinion this signing may look good on paper to a lot of people but in reality it is just going to lead to the Mets having another .500 year.

As a Philly boy this trade honestly pissed me off because it just shows the Phillies are going to be competing for the third place spot in the weakest division in baseball. Another mediocre season for the Phillies, but hell we got a parade to go to Thursdays!