Masai Ujiri
Ron Turenne/Getty Images

There has been a lot of talks that the New York Knicks are enamored by Masai Ujiri as the Knicks’ President. Now, it seems the feeling could be mutual. Howard Beck of Bleacher Report reports:

Sources also say Ujiri would be intrigued by the challenge of fixing the Knicks, the chance to build something from scratch and, not insignificantly, by the opportunity to elevate his Giants of Africa philanthropy by working in the New York market.

Influential voices in the NBA have strongly advised Ujiri not to take the job, if it’s ever offered, sources say. But those same sources say Ujiri might do it anyway, if the money is right, if he’s granted the necessary autonomy and if Dolan funds Giants of Africa as generously as the Raptors ownership group has.

Ujiri’s contract is believed to run through 2021 but with an out clause under certain circumstances. He turned down a lucrative extension last summer, sources said, leaving the impression that he wants to keep his options open

However, one reporter says he was never offered an extension.

Michael Grange of Sportsnet:

contrary to a report that Ujiri turned down an extension – there has never been one been offered, according to sources

Obviously, there are conflicting reports on if he was offered an extension. On the outside looking in, if I am having success with one organization and they offer me an extension, I would take it. On the other hand, why wouldn’t the Raptors offer Masai Ujiri an extension? It’s more believable that Ujiri turned down the offer. I’ve highlighted some of the pros for Masai Ujiri going to the Knicks would do for him here. At this rate, Masai Ujiri to the Knicks should be a done deal. We’re just waiting for the right time for it to happen. Steve Mills should be scared to lose his job now.