Made by Marcus Calgary

Made by Marcus in Calgary

Made by Marcus Calgary
(Credit: @madebymarcus/IG)

Made by Marcus in Calgary

I’ve visited many ice cream places across the continent. From Van Leeuwen in NYC to Butter Bakery in Toronto, I’ve had a lot of experience trying different formulas of the popular cold treat. Not only has there been a difference in textures and flavors, but there’s also a variety of flavor options too. For instance, at Van Leeuwen, there are many unique flavors such as praline butter cake, chocolate honeycomb, and more. These options are undoubtedly unique and tasty. However, I discovered new ice cream flavors at Made by Marcus in Calgary that changed the game.

Made by Marcus is a small ice cream shop located in the heart of Calgary. Just a few blocks from the park, this place is perfect for grabbing a cold cone and taking it to explore the heart and soul of the city.

This shop has some of the most unique flavors of any ice cream shop I’ve been to, and I made it a mission to try at least every flavor. The flavors range from fruity ones such as lemon curd blueberry but also have more chocolatey options like chocolate lava cake.

Each flavor impressed me in its own way. There was not a single miss. With every flavor came a new experience and a completely different taste from anything I’d had before. There was almost a savory undertone of each one that made each flavor special. 

On top of that, they also hand-make the waffle cones fresh in front of you for your order. The cone is perfectly sweet and almost doughy like a stroopwafel. It has the perfect crunch to it that compliments each bite you take!

Made by Marcus enhanced my Calgary trip as I made sure to try a new flavor every day. I couldn’t go a day without my Made by Marcus ice cream cone!


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