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Madden 21 Franchise Mode is WORSE Than Madden 20

Madden 21 Franchise Mode
Madden 21 Franchise Mode has some how regressed from Madden 20. I don’t know how that’s possible. (EA)

This seems like the perfect place to insert the “Our expectations for you were low but holy fuck” meme. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Madden 21 Franchise mode is worse than Madden 20’s franchise mode. I can’t believe it, this shouldn’t be possible. A company shouldn’t regress like this but it’s happened. I’m going to be perfectly clear, I do not have Madden 21 and from what I’ve seen it’s strictly from Youtube videos.

Madden 21 Franchise Mode Has Less Relocation Options

One of the biggest issues and complaints is the lack of customization in Madden’s franchise mode. It doesn’t help that they have removed relocation teams! The San Antonio Marshalls have been removed from franchise in Madden 21. I discovered this while watching a Youtube video that goes over all the relocation teams in Madden 21. Myself and C4 (The Youtuber) were extremely surprised when there was no option for the San Antonio Marshalls. The Marshalls were a staple for C4’s Pink Slips series in Madden 20, now it’s not even an option in Madden 21. This is just baffling, EA didn’t even give any notice or announcement on the removal of the Marshalls to my knowledge. EA pulled a sneaky on us. However, this isn’t the end. Mexico City has only two relocation teams in Madden 21 Franchise Mode. EA removed 2 relocation teams, the San Antonio Marshalls and the Mexico City Conquistadors. Again, like the Marshalls, there has been no announcement or reason for the removal to my knowledge. I’d understand the removal if there was a reason or a replacement team, but we got nothing. No replacement team, no reason, just a massive middle finger from EA.

Old Glitches Remain

One of the most annoying glitches was the “Hold A/X To Reorder” glitch that covered part of the menu in franchise. It’s annoying when it serves no purpose and is purely display based. I don’t know much about coding but I don’t think it’s that hard to fix this simple visual glitch. We thought that the patch notes for Madden 21 Franchise mode were bad, this is even worse. EA is just giving the middle finger to every single franchise fan. I will not buy Madden 21 until they add something to franchise mode or at least fix issues like this and I encourage you to do the same. I’ve been on the record saying how EA can fix Madden franchise mode, so I won’t repeat myself as you can read for yourself.

Another old glitch is a random veteran winning offensive or defensive rookie of the year. Again, how difficult is this to fix? It’s just sloppy and a massive middle finger to franchise fans when EA had a year to fix this. They gave us patch notes and they didn’t even patch glitches that were noticeable to all franchise fans. This is just embarrassing for EA as a company.

This isn’t even a vet coming out of retirement and putting them back into the game. This is just sad. (C4 on Youtube. Washington Football Team Rebuild)

EA did literally nothing for Madden 21 Franchise Mode and it’s embarrassing. This multi-billion dollar company can’t be bothered to fix it’s core gamemode. I refuse to buy Madden 21 until they do something to fix franchise mode. If that means no football video game this year, so be it.

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