Bill Simmons
Lazy Bill Simmons who stopped writing and didn’t work hard enough to make his website successful, has sold The Ringer to Spotify. Guess that fake union didn’t work? (Mike Windle/Getty Images for Vanity Fair)

Bill Simmons left ESPN many years ago trying to make it on his own. Simmons started the website, The Ringer that also included a podcast network. Simmons forgot the fact that he was too lazy to ever be that successful. Simmons stopped writing and despite running what could have been a successful website, instead, he did two podcasts a week talking about nonsense. The Ringer never made a profit so he sold out. Simmons sold his site to Spotify.

VOX media had the update:

“Spotify is making yet another big budget purchase aimed at getting a lead in the growing podcast industry: The streaming music company has agreed to a deal to purchase The Ringer, the podcast-centric media company run and owned by Bill Simmons.

Spotify intends to hire Simmons and all of his approximately 90 employees. Most of those employees work on The Ringer’s website, which covers sports and culture, and Spotify intends to keep the site up and running.

But what Spotify really wants out of the deal is Simmons’s ability to create podcasts, including his Bill Simmons Podcast, and some 30 other titles, which range from an NBA chat show to one devoted to rewatching old movies.

The companies didn’t disclose a sale price; the deal is supposed to close in the first quarter of 2020.”

There is a reason why Barstool has a $450 million valuation and The Ringer had to be bailed out by Spotify. Dave Portnoy actually works hard. He still writes and does multiple hours of radio every day while managing the company. Simmons is too busy being on Twitter crying about everything and basically refusing to work on the site that he started.

DUDE… YOU WORKED FOR ESPN. This is an example of what Simmons does all day. He talks about other companies more than he does his own. This blog I’m writing is more than Simmons has written in the past 10 years.

The funniest quote in the VOX piece is “He’s a talent magnet.” Really? You mean the squids that thought their pretend union was going to fix all of their problems?