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Lamar Jackson

(Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Lamar Jackson Sucks In Every Way Possible

Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson sucks in every way possible and his behavior on social media should give you every reason to not pay him. (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Lamar Jackson Sucks In Every Way Possible

He’s lucky he didn’t respond to me that way. He’s so lucky. Imagine if Trey was on the other end of that? Oh, Lamar Jackson’s mom would have gotten so many ricochet shots and I don’t think anybody wants that. The fact remains and we have had our answer. Lamar Jackson sucks in every way possible and paying him a mega quarterback contract can’t be a consideration.

Moving forward anything I do Lamar Jackson related, he’s getting tagged. Everything I do Lamar related, he’s getting tagged. Because all Lamar did here was expose himself as a cupcake. Did this random fan deserve to be called a dick-muncher? Of course, not. Better yet, do you want to invest $250 million into a guy who does this online?

The answer is no. The answer has always been no.

I feel confident in saying I don’t think the NFL has ever had a quarterback with less self awareness than Lamar. I don’t think the NFL has ever had a less intelligent quarterback than Lamar. Forget rocks for brains. Lamar has the IQ of snail that just got salt poured on it. There’s dumb and then there’s Lamar Jackson. Igorant and so dumb that you wonder if he needs help crossing the street.

If you thought the dick-muncher story is going away, you’re not bright. ESPN Ravens reporter Jamison Hensley published a story claiming that Jackson used an “anti-gay” phrase. You can agree or disagree with it but it opened the door for discussion and it’s totally Lamar’s fault. Dumb people open their mouth when they don’t have to. His now deleted tweet is going to be a talking point.

Lamar, of course, responded in the dumbest way possible. We already know Lamar is uneducated. If you want to say Hensley is using defamation of character, maybe start with using the correct *you’re*. Furthermore, if Hensely wants to go that route, he is more than welcome to do so. It’s called journalism. Next time don’t be a moron and tweet out at random fans that they much on human hot dogs because he’s mad someone doesn’t think he deserves his money.

Let’s be honest; there isn’t a chance in hell Lamar knows anything about defamation of character. His mom probably told him that after I got her last night. She does represent him after all…

Anyone defending Lamar here is as ignorant as he is. Paying Lamar isn’t an option. Paying Lamar is signing up for what Denver has become. Except in this instance, the Ravens have a chance to be on the Seattle side of the equation. Get what you can for Lamar in a trade and build the rest of the roster up for when you find your next franchise quarterback.

We know the story by now. He fools the less intelligent people when the apples are ripe. When it starts to get a little colder, we see what will turn into the Antonio Brown of quarterbacks appear. Imagine what happens when you empower a guy like this and tell the rest of your locker room this is the only guy that matters? You think the guys in Dever respect Russell Wilson right now?

Come this postseason we know what will happen again. The Rudy Gobert of the NFL will fail and the idiots will be left stranded wondering why. Lamar Jackson is the devil and he needs to be exiled to another franchise as soon as possible.

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Agree 100%. Lamar Jackson is an overrated bum

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