Kyler Murray
Cardinals signal caller Kyler Murray is the best fantasy quarterback by a mile. There’s not even a close second. I hope you drafted him. (Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press)

Before the start of the season, I wrote a flag plant column on Kyler Murray. My thoughts on Murray were that he was a bonafide lock to become a top-five fantasy quarterback. Do whatever you can to draft him to your team. Murray isn’t a top-five option; he’s the best damn one to own.

For starters, Murray’s rushing potential is out of this world good. Murray already has 437 rushing yards and SEVEN rushing touchdowns in seven games. Murray’s rushing is the number one option when they get to the goal line. Neither Kenyan Drake nor Chase Edmunds are more dynamic runners. Murray’s rushing potential alone keeps his floor very high.

The Cardinals signal-caller might not be lighting the leader boards up yet passing wise, as he already has seven interceptions, but he’s got a rocket of an arm. He’s completing 67% of his throws with 13 touchdowns and 1,847 yards. You would take that production without the rushing prowess.

I’m not sure why more people didn’t make a bigger deal out of this in the offseason. THE CARDINALS TRADED FOR DEANDRE HOPKINS! Nobody talked about it for some unknown reason (except for me). In the least surprising news of all-time, Hopkins has made Murray better.

There was too much going for Murray not to see this coming. Average defense, pass-first offense, significant rushing potential, and the addition of DeAndre Hopkins. What was there not to love?

The Arizona Cardinals are for real, and Kyler Murray is the best fantasy quarterback that exists. He’s lapping the field right now. He’s got 20 more fantasy points than any player in the sport right now. You have been warned.