Kyle Lewis
Kyle Lewis is on the verge of stardom. His breakout season is very much real. Lewis should be consider a building block for Seattle going forward. (Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

There’s been a lot of weird things to happen since sports returned. Hell, the Phoenix Suns still haven’t lost since I started writing this piece. The point is it’s hard to know what’s real or sustainable. One player you may not have heard of before (Kyle Lewis) is on a complete TEAR.

Through 17 games, Lewis sports a batting line of .373/.440/.567. While that batting line is absurd, Lewis is very much here to stay. The Mariners have themselves a star and it’s time for baseball fans to get to know the name. Kyle Lewis is on the verge of stardom.

The former first round pick from Mercer finally made his way to the Majors last year. Lewis very much held his own but in year two, he’s gone to a different level. The advanced stats aren’t super in love with Lewis. He’s in the bottom half of the league in Exit velocity, whiff percentage, and K percentage. Don’t over think this one. Those stats aren’t everything.

Lewis, 25, is such a great athlete. Sometimes, players at 6-foot-4 have a goofy swing with holes in it. With Lewis, that’s not the case. He’s an excellent athlete and also ranks in the 71st percentile in sprint speed.

You can also see from his swing that Lewis is an all around hitter. If the homer is there he will take it but he’s more than happy collecting a base hit. There’s no hole in his zone. Lewis has a sexy swing that’s sustainable.

Kyle Lewis may have gotten to the big leagues late, but this guy is here to stay. It’s time to learn the name. The Mariners are starting to turn the corner as a franchise and Lewis is one of their building blocks going forward. High level athlete with a beautiful swing while finding a way to make contact all the time. That’s what this dude brings to the table. Jump on the bandwagon now while you still can.