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Kevin Pillar “98% sure” He’ll Retire After This Season

Kevin Pillar
(Jonathan Hui-USA TODAY Sports)

Kevin Pillar “98% sure” he’ll retire after this season

Just days ago, Kevin Pillar celebrated his ten-year anniversary in the MLB. However, after ten seasons and nine teams, the 35-year old vet thinks this will probably be his final go around.

As recently as two months ago, the Los Angeles Angels outfielder was out of the league. After just 17 games, the league worst Chicago White Sox cut Pillar from their team. In fairness, it’s not hard to see why. Even amongst the worst squad in baseball, Pillar wasn’t performing. He was hitting only .160. Luckily for Pillar, the phone rang after Angels superstar Mike Trout injured himself, requiring surgery. Since joining the Angels, Pillar has absolutely turned it around. In 41 games, he’s slashing .299/.355/.512 with 38 hits and 6 HR. Reflecting on his career and accomplishments, Pillar wants to go out while he still feels good about his game.

Pillar told USA Today that he’s watched many players, some he considers more talented than himself, overstay their welcome. As a result, he’s decided he wants to go out on his own terms, and not be forced from the league due to a lack of capability. Pillar isn’t completely committed to hanging it up, but is “98% sure” that will be the outcome of this season. If someone makes him a really good offer, he might consider sticking around, but he says that’s a decision him and his family will have to make together.

“I watched some of my good friends and teammates, who were much better players than me, maybe go a year too long…I think it would be kind of cool to go out playing really well, and people being curious to why you don’t want to play anymore, and not that the game kicked you out.”

Kevin Pillar speaking to Bob Nightengale of USA Today

Kevin Pillar’s time with the Angels has been a godsend, allowing him to accomplish some huge milestones. He got himself over the 1,000 career hits mark. Ten full years of service time makes his pension fully-vested, a mark fewer than 10% of MLB players make it to. If Pillar decides to call it a career, he can go out with his head held high.


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