Kansas City Chiefs
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The Kansas City Chiefs Have A Major Problem: Their Defense

The Kansas City Chiefs have a major problem. They can’t stop a thing on defense, at some point it doesn’t matter at all how great your offense might be. If you can’t stop anyone, you can’t win a Super Bowl.

When a team has a quarterback of Patrick Mahomes’ caliber, and a coach as great as Andy Reid, it’s very easy to end up saying “Who cares about defense?” Well, to put it simply, everyone should care about defense because football is a team game. And when a team has as terrible of a defense as the Kansas City Chiefs have, that becomes a major problem. The Chiefs can’t stop people from scoring, and they can’t stop people from gaining yards. Something needs to change because this defense can’t be carried by an elite offense.

The Chiefs can’t stop anyone. They are the worst team in the NFL when it comes to yards per play given up. Kansas City has allowed 938 yards on 124 plays, this averages out to 7.6 yards per play. That is an issue. A team will, on average, get a first down after two plays against the Chiefs, and that’s just not good at all. They can’t stop a nose bleed, it’s pitiful.

As for points, that’s not much better. The Chiefs are allowing the fifth-most points per game in the NFL so far. The only teams that are allowing more are the Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Tennessee Titans, and Baltimore Ravens (which is incredibly surprising to see here as well). That’s just not sustainable to win in the NFL. Unless there’s a major change, the Chiefs will be handicapped for the entirety of the season.

With all the personnel changes, mainly Chris Jones moving to the edge, it’s understandable that everything isn’t perfect. However, they can’t be this bad.

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