Julian Edelman
(Matt Stone/Boston Herald)

Julian Edelman Remembers Getting Yelled At By Belichick

Bill Belichick is known for tearing apart the mistakes of his players during film sessions and no players were exempt from the treatment. On Chris Long’s “Green Light” podcast, Julian Edelman recalled an extremely tense and grueling session in which Belichick ripped him for his fight with Stephon Gilmore at practice.

Edelman spoke about the time back in 2017 during Gilmore’s first season with New England when the two got into a scuffle during practice. Belichick kept film sessions dramatic and would turn the lights on when he was ready to put someone on blast and in that instance, Edelman got an earful, but Edelman had suspicions that Belichick actually liked the intensity of the practice scuffle.

Edelman said about the film session:

“So he sits and rewinds it like 45 times, and then he stands up and he goes, ‘What the f— are we doing? We can’t have this.’ He’s just going on and just wringing me like, ‘You know what, Edelman? You over here think you’re a tough guy.’ Just getting on me in front of the team. But I think low-key, he loved it.”

Nothing Out Of The Norm For Edelman

Edelman never seemed phased by criticism or being yelled at by Brady. The football world is aware that Belichick sets a high standard for his players, but some players who enter New England via trade or free agency still sometimes experience a culture shock.

“This guy, every day for 45 to 50 minutes — every day — would break down three phases of the game and he could call each phase of the game like he was a coordinator,” Edelman said, “And he’s called plays for each phase of the game.”

Belichick is an intense guy and he is all about football and not much else. Players who cannot adapt to Belichick’s system or his frugal contract spending do not last long in New England. In any case, the Patriots system developed Edelman into one of the team’s best wide receivers of the last decade, and Edelman seems to have no regrets regarding his time in New England.

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