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Johnny Gaudreau

(Bailey Johnson/Columbus Dispatch)

Johnny Gaudreau Deserves To Be Ripped For Signing With Columbus

Johnny Gaudreau
Johnny Gaudreau deserves to be ripped for signing with Columbus and so does the jackass at the NY Post (Larry Brooks) for defending him. (Bailey Johnson/Columbus Dispatch)

Johnny Gaudreau Deserves To Be Ripped For Signing With Columbus

Hey, Larry Brooks. Yes, I’m looking at you. The jackass at the New York Post that decided to tell the rest of the hockey world why Johnny Gaudreau shouldn’t be ripped for signing with Columbus. Let’s put your money where your mouth is. I am directly challenging Mr. Brooks for his asinine take.

Gaudreau should absolutely be ripped for picking Columbus and it’s insane to try to argue the other side. Larry is going to be put in his rightful place. I am willing to bet him whatever he wants. This is the easiest call of the NHL offseason. This Gaudreau – Blue Jackets pairing won’t end well.

Let’s go over Larry’s ridiculous article first. We have been over the Flyers thing. Larry tells you that he doesn’t know why the Flyers didn’t make an offer and blatantly ignores Chuck Fletcher’s quotes regarding the Johnny Hockey situation. Obviously, bad journalism on Larry’s part. Maybe be more informed instead of using the terms “I don’t know”.

Larry also talks about the Calgary Flames and fails to even understand the situation. Larry fails to mention that Gaudreau left $15 million on the table by leaving a really good Flames team where he just came off a 115 point season playing next to elite level talent. It wasn’t about the money. Johnny wanted to play on the East coast where he’s from which is totally understandable. The Flames did all they could and it has been reported some people in Johnny’s inner circle told him to stay in Calgary.

Of course, Larry never included any of that in his post. Why would he? Guy clearly lacks intelligence considering the angle of his story. Not sure the Flames deserve any ricochet shots here. They kept Johnny for all the right reasons and fielded a team that won the Pacific division and had a real shot to win the Cup.

The obvious choice for Gaudreau was to sign with the Devils. Yes, Gaudreau is a south Jersey guy but it’s still closer to home than Ohio is. Furthermore, this Devils team has all the right pieces in place to build a consistent winner. Johnny could have played next to rising SUPERSTAR Jack Hughes and passed.

Instead, Gaudreau lacked self awareness and picked Columbus. Don’t talk to me about how Columbus is an underrated hockey city. Artemi Panarin turned their ass down for the bright lights of New York. They’re in danger of Patrik Laine telling them the same thing really soon.

Gaudreau didn’t just pick a small market that nobody wants to play for. He also picked quite literally the worst defensive team in hockey. We’re talking Gaudreau who is 5-foot-8, 150 pounds and he decided it was a good idea to play for the worst defensive team in the league. If you can’t figure out why that’s a bad idea, try watching another sport.

Of course, Larry Brooks didn’t tell you any of this in his post. He just wanted to be different for the sake of being different. Gaudreau shouldn’t be the only one that’s being ripped. Larry Brooks should be too for packing it in at the NY Post. He didn’t just write an article that made no sense. He wrote one with no supporting facts or evidence. That’s called shitty journalism and I expected better from a publication like the NY Post.

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