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Jett Howard 2023 NBA Draft Profile

Jett Howard 2023 NBA Draft

(Charlie Neibergall/AP Photo)

Jett Howard 2023 NBA Draft
(Charlie Neibergall/AP Photo)

Jett Howard 2023 NBA Draft Profile

Jett Howard 2023 NBA Draft Profile

Height/Weight/Age: 6’8”/215 lbs/19 years old 

Primary Position: Small Forward

Freshmen Season Stats: 14.2 PPG, 2.8 RPG, 2.0 APG, 41.4% FG, 36.8% 3PT, 80.0% FT, 0.4 SPG, 0.7 BPG, 1.3 TOPG

Strengths: Shooting, Perimeter Shot Creation, Shot Selection 

Jett Howard, a small forward out of Michigan, is undoubtedly one of the top shooters in the 2023 NBA Draft. Howard has a great shot. It is quick, smooth, and consistent. Those traits should help his jumper translate to the NBA. In college, Howard flashed his 3-point shooting prowess in every scenario. That started in catch-and-shoot scenarios. If Howard was open, it was nearly a guarantee that he would hit the jumper. Additionally, Howard is more than capable of hitting movement shots off screens. 

Howard also displayed some shot-creation skills in college. This was most evident in scenarios where Howard needed to make a move or two to get an open look. Howard’s handle also helped him get downhill and create mid-range opportunities. 

At Michigan, Howard’s handle and passing allowed him to get reps as a pick-and-roll ball handler, elevating his ability to find open looks. Howard repeatedly punished teams that went under screens. No, that is not technically self-creation, but it does demonstrate upside as more than a spot-up shooter. 

One thing that I love about Howard is that he has great shot selection. It is really common for high-level college scorers to get tunnel vision as they hunt buckets — Howard did not fall into that trap. On many occasions, Howard showed he was willing to pass out of a good shot in favor of a teammate that had a better look. If he was driving to the basket, he would keep an eye out for open bigs or cutters. Overall, Howard punished defenses with his passing if they sold out to stop his shot. 

Weaknesses: Athleticism, Defense, Finishing

Howard has quite a few very concerning weaknesses. The first is his athleticism. This is obviously never good for any NBA Draft prospect. Howard simply is not an elite athlete. In games, his lack of athleticism can be seen in his lateral quickness, explosiveness, and verticality. These physical challenges have led to other problems in Howard’s game including his defense, finishing, and rebounding. 

It is also worth noting that Howard injured his ankle at Michigan. In the second half of the season, it did not look like he was playing at 100 percent. Still, these athleticism concerns were present prior to his injury. 

Howard’s defensive production will greatly hurt his 2023 NBA Draft stock. At the wing position, defensive production is a necessity. There is a reason for the infatuation over 3-and-D wings. 

Howard does not provide much value on the defensive end on the floor. On the perimeter, he struggles on-ball with opponents who are able to beat him to the basket using their speed. Additionally, he does not defend the pick-and-roll well and stronger opponents can beat him in the post-game.

The final concern that really sticks out in Howard’s skill set is his finishing ability. Howard is a great mid-range and three-point scorer, but he does not get to the basket as much as you would like. Howard’s lack of explosiveness can really be seen in moments when he attempts to drive to the hoop. It is rare that he is able to get the basket and finish at the rim. Typically, he settles for a floater. Yes, he has a solid floater with his right hand, but he needs to expand on his interior skills. 

Best Fits: Indiana Pacers, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers 

The fits for Howard begin with the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers currently sit on picks No. 7, 26, 29, 32 and 55. The Pacers may opt to spend one of those late first-round picks on Howard. I do not think that Howard would be a long-term starter for them, but he could provide some great bench scoring. If the Pacers walked away from the 2023 NBA Draft with a wing at pick No. 7 and some depth pieces at No. 26 and 29, they would be in solid shape. 

The Houston Rockets are a team that may be in the market for shooting at No. 20. It is hard to forecast what the Rockets’ offseason will look like. If the Rockets opt to take a player like Amen Thompson at pick No. 4 it would make for them to add a shooting wing with No. 20.

Lastly, I think the Los Angeles Lakers will consider adding Howard. As for any Lebron James-led team, it would not hurt to add a player that shoots the 3-ball. The one concern with Howard is that he would not fit into the Lakers’ outstanding half-court defense. 

NBA Comparison: Bojan Bogdanovic

The NBA comparison that I like the most for Howard is Bojan Bogdanovic. The similarities between the pair are potent. Howard and Bogdanovic are both great shooters that can find success off catch-and-shoot and movement look. At the same time, neither is very athletic, they both are poor defensively and they do not rebound at a high rate.

Projections: Mid-Late First Round

In the 2023 NBA Draft, Jett Howard will hear his name called in the middle to the late first round. Howard’s highest outcome likely sits with the Lakers at No. 17. That would be a surprise, but it is possible. I doubt that Howard falls out of the first round. I do not want to get specific about where his floor sits. It is fairly likely that there will be some movement in the late first round, which makes it difficult to project the specific team that stops a potential Howard slide.

In the NBA, Howard projects as a solid shooter. I imagine that he will be used as a bench-scoring wing. I doubt that he is a high-level starter, there is potential for that, however. At the end of the day, if Howard can consistently hit threes off the bench he will hold a place in the NBA.


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