Jaylen Brown
Boston Celtics’ Jaylen Brown plays against the Memphis Grizzlies where he scored a career-high 42 points. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

So far in the 2020-21 NBA season, it appears that Jaylen Brown has made endless strides in the right direction. Both offensively and defensively, he can match up with just about anyone in the league. To say the least, he’s a player that wears many hats.

Brown has averaged 26.2 PPG, 3.3 APG, and 5.4 RPG through nine games this season, but can he keep up the production on that level throughout the whole year?

Let’s pose a better question: is there anything that Jaylen Brown can’t do?

In my opinion, I believe Brown has the potential to be a starter in the all-star game this year. However, since I can only make my prediction based on what has transpired so far this year, let’s take a look at a few of Brown’s recent performances.

Jaylen Brown the Facilitator: Jan. 6 at Miami: 21 pts, 12 rebs, 5 ast. 

Last night against Miami, Brown showed that he can play a variety of roles and mold himself into whatever kind of player the Celtics and coach Brad Stevens needs him to be. He tallied his season highs in both rebounds and assists in the contest.

While the 21 points doesn’t jump out at you from the stat sheet, the 12 rebounds and five assists should. 

Brown was a facilitator against the Heat, getting the ball to players like Tristan Thompson and Daniel Theis with ease around the paint. He plays to his teammate’s strengths as well as his own, which helped the C’s put the game away late when it got too close for comfort.

Not to mention, a few of those rebounds came on the offensive side and allowed for second-chance points. 

Jaylen Brown the Scorer: Jan. 3 at Detroit (31-1-3) and Dec. 30 vs. Memphis (42-5-4) 

Not much to be said here. Jaylen Brown is a grown man (at only 24-years-old) who can bully his way in the paint or drain three’s in the faces of defenders on command. 

Brown seems to improve in every aspect on offense every season, and this year is no different. His shooting efficiency is off the charts, and he put that cold blooded attitude on full display in these two games.

At Detroit, he shot 5/8 from beyond the ark, and 13/16 from the field in total. Thats 62.5% and 81.3% respectively. That game he finished with 31 points.

Versus Memphis, he posted a career-high 42 points and shot 7/10 (70%) from three and 15/21 (71.4%) in total.

Throughout his career, Brown’s had some inconsistencies with his perimeter shooting, but the last couple of seasons in particular he’s had more attempts and made shots at a higher percentage, which is likely a testament to his offseason work. 

Jaylen Brown the Defender: Jan. 1 at Detroit

The Boston Celtics are a fairly defensive-minded team and always have been, but Jaylen Brown has been a huge part of that culture since he came into the league in 2016.

To kick off the new year, Brown had three steals, two blocks, and nine rebounds in a loss to the Pistons. Even though the Celtics came up short, they only gave up 96 points in the game.

Since Brown is so athletic, strong and coachable, he can play just about any position on the floor with his 6’6” frame, and Brad Stevens knows it. 

“[Brown’s] finishing has improved so much since college, his shooting…has certainly got a lot better, and just his reads and everything else.”

2021 Will be Jaylen Brown’s best year.

YES, I understand Jayson Tatum is a HUGE part of Boston’s success, and he and Brown are two peas in a pod.

BUT, there is something to be said for Brown’s all-around game and his ability to play with consistency on both ends of the floor. Tatum can be shaky on defense and lazy at times on offense when he gets into his “launch up threes and see what happens” mode. 

Jaylen Brown lays it all on the line just about every game, and his attitude and aggressiveness never falter. He’s just built differently and it’s about time the league sees it in 2021.