James Robinson
(James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Recently, Vendetta gave their take on the NFL rookie of the year race. However, when I read it there was one thing that loomed over me. The lack of Jaguars’ running back James Robinson on the list. Despite his excellence on the field, on a lackluster team, he hasn’t received the respect he earned as a genuine Rookie of the Year candidate.

The Stats

This season Robinson has rushed for 481 yards on 107 carries, averaging 4.5 yards per carry. He also has 225 receiving yards for a total of 706 scrimmage yards and 6TDs at the half-way point of his rookie season. This puts him on pace to have 1100 rushing yards, 300 receiving yards, and 14TDs in 2020. For any player, this is a pro-bowl worthy season. Despite this, he is not even in the discussion to win Rookie of the Year, for most people.

For a direct comparison, many people can see the Chief’s rookie running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire having a chance to win Rookie of the year. However, when directly compared to James Robinson they are not too different. Edwards-Helaire had 572 rushing yards and 205 receiving yards for a total of 777 scrimmage yards and only 2TDs. However, this comparison is not exactly fair as the Chiefs have played one more game than the Jaguars at this point in the season.

Now I am not saying that James Robinson should win Rookie of the Year. Both rookie quarterbacks, Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert have been playing far better than anyone thought they would. However, if players like Brandon Aiyuk and Clyde Edwards-Helaire have their names in the conversation, James Robinson has more than deserved to have his name thrown in. Especially when he plays for and is carrying an entire organization on his undrafted shoulders.