Jameis Winston
Jameis Winston called the Saints a ‘Harvard Education’. It’s safe to say that Winston is ready to get to work in New Orleans. (Jason Behnken/Associated Press)

Jameis Winston is officially a member of the New Orleans Saints. They got themselves a bargain too! Winston will earn a base salary of just $1.1 million for the upcoming season. Reports came out that Winston turned down more lucrative offers. It’s not hard to figure out why he did so.

During an Instagram Live interview, Winston called the playing for the Saints a ‘Harvard Education’:

“Being a part of the New Orleans Saints, being a part with Drew Brees, Taysom Hill, Sean Payton, coach Joe Lombardi, coach Pete Carmichael. When you think about that room, that’s like a Harvard education in quarterback school,” Winston said. “I wanted to put my ego aside, put the money [aside], think about my family, think about my career. [There] was no better position than to be in the same room with someone that I’ve really looked up to, someone that I’ve admired since I’ve been playing this game in Drew Brees.”

“I’ve done some great things with the Bucs,” Winston said. “I’m going to miss being a starting quarterback. But you never know what happens. I think this is just a great and a unique step to join Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints and learn from him, learn from one of the best to ever do it and make a great transition in my career.

“There’s a proverb: Humility comes before honor, so I have to humble myself. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be with Drew Brees and to be with the New Orleans Saints and just prepare, just prepare for when my next opportunity is going to present itself.”

This tells me that Winston is smart or smarter than he gets credit for. He could have went for a better chance to start. NOPE. He signed with the Saints which provides the best learning environment. Does it get better than Drew Brees and Sean Payton? Winston’s flaws are all mental, not physical. I love this landing spot.