Jalen Ramsey
(AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Jalen Ramsey is a name that every single Wideout in the NFL should know. The number 5 pick in the 2016 draft has been nothing short of amazing, and despite playing lights out this season, does not seem to be viewed as a candidate for DPOTY. His competition, TJ Watt, seems to be getting all the attention.

DPOTY Competition

Yes, TJ Watt balled out this season and recorded a league-leading 15 sacks, which is his real argument for DPOTY. But if you really look at it, he ranks 81st for sacks in a single season. 15+ sacks in a season have happened 81 other times in a season, which in that perspective, is not as impressive as it once sounded.

However, if you look at what Jalen Ramsey has done this season against some of the top receivers in the league, you could be able to see how he deserves some love for the award.

Star Wideouts like Stefon Diggs, Allen Robinson, DK Metcalf x2, Mike Evans, Deandre Hopkins x2. There is not a single 100-yard game, with only 1 touchdown allowed. These are players who had been putting up 100-200 yards and multiple touchdowns a game in most of their other games this season.

I am not arguing that Jalen Ramsey should be a lock for DPOTY. I am simply pointing out that the media nowadays fixates on one player early on. Aside from his coverage ability, he is one of the most aggressive Corners in the league. He made that known with his vicious block shed and tackle on Golden Tate in Week 4 this season.

Jalen Ramsey was acquired by the Rams via trade with the Jaguars in October of 2019 and looks to continue his dominance for the Rams in the Divisional Round this weekend against the Packers Davante Adams.

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