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Jalen Milroe Overcame Doubters After Being Benched In Week 3

Jalen Milroe

Jalen Milroe Alabama
Jalen Milroe has a chance to lead Alabama to an SEC Title on Dec. 2. (Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports)

Jalen Milroe Overcame Doubters After Being Benched In Week 3

Jalen Milroe threw one of the best touchdown passes of the 2023 College Football season to beat Auburn in the Iron Bowl Saturday.

On 4th and goal, with the game and season on the line, Milroe completed a 31-yard touchdown pass to Isaiah Bond, shocking the world.

Moments before that pass, Auburn had a 99.9 percent chance to win the game and end Alabama’s College Football Playoff hopes. Instead, the Crimson Tide actually have a chance to sneak into the CFB Playoff if it beats Georgia in the SEC Title game on Dec. 2.

That pass perfectly describes Milroe’s season. In the face of adversity, he still found a way to get the job done. Just when you thought you could count him out, he fought his way through and kept the team’s dreams alive.

Seems like a dream, not always a good dream, but a dream that I never quit believing would become a reality,” Milroe said. “From where I was, the way I was doubted — and even some people in this building [Alabama’s football complex] doubted me — it truly blows my mind to where it’s all led to, and the best part, where it’s led to for our team.

I was told I would never be the starting quarterback at Alabama,” he said. “I’ve been told I was not smart enough to play the position. I’ve been told everything. Even when I was named the starter at the beginning of the season, I don’t think a lot of people thought I would keep it, and if I did, that we were going to have a bad season. So, yes, I’ve faced a lot of obstacles. The main thing is the right people believed in me, here at Alabama and within my family, and I remained grounded in believing in who I am.

That takes you a long way.

Milroe has transformed a lot as a player and a person this season. He was benched against South Florida in Week 3 and it was uncertain who would be the starter moving forward. People were unsure if Alabama would be able to bounce back from that, but week after week, the team has only gotten better.

Regardless of what fans think, Milroe’s teammates have taken notice of his growth this year. Cornerback Terrion Arnold had great things to say about his best friend.

He’s trusting himself now to be who he is. We’ve always trusted him, and you see the way he’s grown, Arnold said. “But it’s a lot more than what you see on the field with the way he’s in here at 4:30 in the morning watching film and the last one to leave the practice field.

People tell those stories about Kobe Bryant. I think people will tell those same stories about Jalen because all that hard work is paying off.

It is clear that a good work ethic and a positive mindset have taken Milroe to new heights. Alabama likely wouldn’t be in this position without him as he has continuously found ways to help his team win.

As mentioned earlier, Alabama will face off with Georgia again for the SEC Championship game this Saturday. This will likely be the hardest test of the year, but the Crimson Tide are hot at the right time.

The Playoff Committee can be unpredictable at times, but Alabama still has a slim chance to make the Playoff. If Jalen Milroe and the Crimson Tide pull off the upset in convincing fashion, there is a chance the team could get the No. 4 seed. It is unlikely, but we have seen much weirder things happen before.


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